This last weekend Hubby got ambitious and put our garden in. He was such a sweetie, he did it in between rain sprinkles we had off and on all weekend.

We got starter plants and some seeds because we don’t do well with most seeds. The seeds we used were for radishes and green onions, pretty much everything else we did with plants. Walmart was sneaky this year and didn’t have prices listed on the starters just the bigger plants. Needless to say we had a bit of sticker shock when we checked out.

All I can say is these damn plants better grow and give us lots of veggies for us to break even on this deal. Little hint if you haven’t started your garden yet, use seeds if you can and avoid the starter plants or if you do get them be prepared to pay out the nose for them.

Poor Hubby paid for all his great labor with a bit of a back ache for the rest of the weekend and he stated rather vehemently that he is getting “too old for this sh*t!” I have to give him props cause he even planted in the dark – silly man – by putting the car where the lights would shine on the garden plot.


Stay tuned to see whether or not we kill them all or not. We tend to lose quite a few plants but we are hoping that this year is different and they survive us. We’ll see what happens. 



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