I love tattoos, good ones that is. I really love the ones I have, but sometimes you see some that you just have to wonder what the hell the person was thinking when they got their ink.

This guy LOVES Avatar!

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Since we just celebrated Easter and the official candy is Peeps – here is a bad one for you!

Peep This Tat
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I don’t understand people getting inked with celebrity’s faces because fame is so fleeting and you might not be such a big fan ten years down the road. This one really struck me as odd.

I Must Wait for the Sunrise, I Must Think of a New Life
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If you are going to get a portrait piece done, please make sure the tattoo artist can do them before they ink  you or you wind up with this….

Supporting the Students of the Local Tattooing School for the Blind, I See
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Not all bad tats are from bad artists, some are just bad ideas, but there are a lot of bad tattoo “artists” out there so choose your artist carefully and wisely or you could end up on a blog post like this one.