I hate it when movies edit for time and subplots endings wind up on the cutting room floor and they leave you wondering what the heck happened. Then new Pirates of the Caribbean movie has a major example of this. Now don’t worry, no spoilers here. This plot is a major part of the story line and it branches off into a subplot and they could have edited other things and left the end of this in or they could have edited it out sooner and it would have made more sense then the cliffhanger they leave you with which really sucks. I felt cheated out on the ending of the movie. They left me hanging going “wait, what about them?” It frustrates me when that happens.

Take the movie Alien. This was based on an extremely scary book of the same name and the movie followed the book pretty much verbatim until it came time to edit it.  For people like me that had read the book before seeing the movie, we were left going “what the heck!”  The scenes that were edited were put in the sequel Aliens and were put back in the director’s cut of Alien. It was the scenes that explained why the aliens were taking some of the people instead of killing them, that they were being cocooned and used for incubators. This is a major plot point that was left out.

What dropped subplot drove you crazy?