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Snow and more snow

The last two weeks have proved that winter is definitely here and with a bit of an attitude. Last week we had a mini blizzard with about zero visibility for one entire day leaving high snow drifts. Yesterday it snowed all day and blew the snow everywhere again into snow drifts.

Now this sucks for small dogs like Freddie who are very close to the ground to start with and it makes it no fun for the owner (me) that has to go out and shovel a path to the yard so the poor dog can do his business. Wasn’t much fun yesterday in 5 degrees with a –12 degree wind chill.

I wonder if I can teach Freddie to use stilts?

Every Now and Then I am Glad I live in Kansas


Not terribly pretty is it? Not my favorite scenery but I will state for the record that on Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010 I was very, very thankful that I live in Kansas.

This morning I left to go to Kansas City to spend some time with my daughter and grand baby. I made it about an hour from home then don’t know what happened other then I managed to not hit any other cars and didn’t kill myself as I went off of the Kansas Turnpike, just missed a culvert and ended up against a farmer’s field fence.  I have no clue what happened because I apparently suffered a blackout episode or possibly had a  seizure and went off the highway.

All I know is one minute I was driving down the road listening to a book on tape, the next thing I’m in a snow bank about halfway down the ravine and was stopped by a fence. I came to my senses staring out the window looking at my busted off mirror that is hanging down. I was not conscious for the trip down the hill. I absolutely have no clue what happened and no one stopped if they saw what happened.

The Powers That Be were watching over me, that’s for sure. I am happy to state that other than a slightly broken car – 2 tires, a mirror and paint plus some under carriage damage – and a few bumps and bruises, the car and I will both survive. Love spending the afternoon in a small town hospital.

My doctor told my family that they are not to leave me alone for awhile nor am I to drive until he figures out what caused the blackout.

Sometimes it’s good to live in a state where things are few and far between, much more difficult to hit something that way.

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