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What Is Body Modification?

Simplest answer is anything that is done to your body that alters your natural appearance. That can be as mundane as women wearing makeup or having pierced ears, braces and plastic surgery. Yes, those are body modifications, we are just so used to it that no one thinks of them as true modifications. The difference is usually noticed when the piercings are in areas other than the ears or a large amount of them before it is seen as a true modification. Plastic surgery is considered body modification when taken to extremes.

Tattooing, piercing  and scarification has been accepted body modification in various countries for centuries.  Tattoos have been around for quite some time in the USA but it has been in the last 20-25 years that tattoos are more acceptable with less of a stigma attached to it especially for women. Extreme piercings and scarifications are still generally looked at as taboo in our culture as well as those individuals that choose to tattoo their faces.

Most people consider body modification as anything that is done to your body that is a permanent change. Now there are numerous types of modifications that fall into this category.  Tongue splitting, giant lobe rings that stretch your earlobes into the size of tennis balls, cutting designs into your flesh and hoping for raised scar tissue in the shape of the design, these are the more permanent modifications and are still looked upon as taboo. Society as a whole has not embraced these practices.

I am a tattooed woman so I have practiced a form of body modification most women haven’t done, yet I personally would not go as far as some do with tattooing or any of the above mentioned modifications. While I would not do some of these modifications I will stand up for the right of the individuals to do what they want with their own bodies even if I think they are crazy for doing so. Not long ago I would have been looked down upon  for having ink, now no one looks twice at me unless it is to check out my ink.

Body modification can be as simple as makeup or as complicated as scarification with a whole lot in between.

Scarification: Is This Trend Going Too Far?

Scars Instead of Tattoos – Ink-Free Body Art (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) Scarification is the next big thing in the tattoo world–although clearly it is not a tattoo. Scarification refers instead to the practice of using scar tissue naturally produced by the body to form designs,… [More]

Please read the rest of Trend Hunter’s article and then come back here for more on this important subject.


This is a very, very extreme form of design on skin. This can only be reversed by having skin grafts which would look much worse than the controlled design of the scarification, as such, scarification should not be taken lightly and thoroughly thought out prior to having this done.

You are taking the chance of Keloids, which form within scar tissue. Collagen, used in wound repair, tends to overgrow in this area, sometimes producing a lump many times larger than that of the original scar. You have a higher risk of infection due to the large areas and depth of the open wound that needs to heal.

Let us face facts, you are paying someone other than a doctor or nurse to take a scalpel and cut free sections of your skin in a designed pattern you have chosen. You must be sure that this individual is extremely hygienic in preparation for this, that all products are sterile and that you are healthy enough to do this. The area for scarification must be exceptionally cleaned before, during and after the procedure to avoid getting a staph infection. Remember, they are cutting away strips of your skin. This will be more painful than you ever thought a tattoo would be and if you thought tattoos were permanent, with this, there is no going back, no changing your mind once it is done.

Think carefully before you do this. If you still want to go for it, check out the people who are doing it and be sure you are in good hands before paying for this with your skin and money.

Scarab Body Arts is a studio dedicated to scarification and is the source for this photo. But these are only bits and pieces of our body parts and not the whole person. Rectify the beautiful girl in the above picture with these below and imagine that lovely face with this style of “art.”

Remember, that red is blood - not ink
Remember, that red is blood – not ink


one on right is scarification left, not sure what all they did to it.
one on right is scarification left, looks like reg. tattoo

this is the design after cutting, next pic is it healed up
this is the design after cutting, next pic is it healed up
the raised puffy areas are Keloids and they can become painful
the raised puffy areas are Keloids and they can become painful

Branding is another way to achieve scarification, but the cutting gives a more precise design and can be controlled easier. Both are painful and you will not know how evenly you will scar until after you have done this procedure.

Personally, I don’t care for this trend and hope that the individuals that have this done don’t regret this decision down the road. I know everyone says that about tattoos as well, but to me, tattoos and scarification are two very separate forms of body modification in that tattoos are like putting permanent clothes on, and scarification/branding are definitely modifying your body for life. I can remove a tattoo or cover it with another one. Scars, especially if you tend to Keloid, are there forever and can cause you problems if the Keloids get out of control.

You don’t know if you Keloid until it happens, so is it really worth it? Only you can decide for your self and while it isn’t for me, I want those that do it to be safe and hopefully happy with the results considering what you will go through to get it.

I prefer a pretty, colorful tattoo like this one:


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