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Jamaica is a Great Vacation Destination

Jamaica is a very poor country and the recession has hit them even harder than the USA. When we went 2years ago the currency exchange was $1 US = $37.50 Jamaican, now it is $1 US = $88.00 Jamaican. Tourism is their #1 money making industry followed by the exportation of their Blue Mountain coffee.

Check out the price for gasoline and this is per liter not gallon.


Unfortunately for Jamaicans, most of the plantations have shut down, the bauxite mine is closed and a lot of the smaller resort hotels have shut down as well. This leaves over 1/3 of the adult population out of work.

Despite this situation, the Jamaican people are warm, friendly and very glad to see tourists. Between the great weather and wonderful beaches, where else would you want to vacation?

The ocean is so clear and there are practically no waves since the corral reefs break the waves prior to them hitting the beach. Swimming is great because the water is somewhat warm and very relaxing.

I love the swim area at Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios because it has a pier surrounding it which is built on cement blocks which creates a “mini reef” effect. In less than 7 ft. of ocean you can see the fish, coral, sea urchins and even an octopus if you are lucky like I was. This makes snorkeling in this area a whole lot of fun and extremely easy to do. We went snorkeling farther out in the ocean and all I could see was the reef since it was deeper water and I’m fairly blind without my glasses and can’t dive at all. Surface snorkeling was way more fun when you can see the fish.

Lots of homes in Jamaica look like they are abandoned but they aren’t. Jamaicans mostly can’t afford to have construction companies work on their homes so they work on them a little bit at a time which makes for interesting neighborhoods. There will be fancy homes next to ones that look like they are falling apart or derelict.

Neighborhood in Jamaica


Home of “voodoo” practitioners and you have to cross a thin walkway bridge after paying the entry fee to see the voodoo priest. Not set up for tourists this is the real local voodoo den.


The views of the ocean and the rest of the island are really pretty.


This was our room for the 10 days. Backside/poolside of the villa, we are the one with the towel on the railing. We had a big bedroom, medium sized living area, bathroom and small kitchen which is the window on the left.


The pool was for the four villas only and we usually had it to ourselves which was great.


We had a few visitors that kept us from missing our pets



The pool at the Manor house which was the main hotel portion of the resort and where the main desk, tour desk, restaurants and spa are.



And food? OMG! Such great choices! The actual Jamaican jerk chicken and pork is terrific but they have that for lunches and pull out the stops for dinners. Here is some pictures of a buffet they had set up on the evening I got injured. Hubby went and took pictures and brought me back some goodies.



I recommend Jamaica as a place to visit on vacation even if you don’t  stay at Sandals but I highly recommend them as a resort of choice. There are six Sandals resorts in Jamaica to choose from and they are really super!

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Part 3 of Winning a Ferrari – $100,000

I now have the chance to finally show you all why I have an icon of a baby and not a picture of myself. I’m surprised I didn’t break the cameras when they were filming the check presentation !   :0)   You finally get to see me in all my plus-sized glory and I tell you that the camera puts on 20lbs. not ten – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

This is the news clip:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “ferrari sweepstakes « The Official Ro…”, posted with vodpod

Newscaster made a error – it’s Roar’s 15th Anniversary in October and Deepak graciously invited us out to LA for the celebration and at no cost to us! Yep, Roar is flying us out and putting us in a hotel in LA and Hubby and I get to go to the party and tour the business plus get some free shirts! How cool is this? Gets better…

Seems that the Ferrari that was being given away in the sweepstakes belongs to Deepak (only 11,000 miles on it) and since he gets to keep it (what a win-win ) he is going to let Hubby and I drive it (in a large parking lot lol!) and have our pictures taken in what could have been our car. How fun is that? We get to check it out and still spend the money!

Love you Deepak Vasandani and love Roar Clothing USA!

We are officially on vacation from Sept. 14th – 24th because we will be in Jamaica for those 10 days staying here:

Sandals Ocho Rios resort


There are honeymoon villas in the back each with their own private pools and we are staying in one of those. Hey, we got in on the very end of summer savings and got 65% off of the room so why stay in the hotel part?

section 7 is where we will stay

section 7 is where we will stay

We are so stoked and can’t wait though all the darn tours/outings for those days are booked except for the canopy tours where you are on wires 150 ft above the ground speeding down the zip line. Not for a confirmed coward with an enormous fear of falling – nope not this “fluffy” lady!

Great food – 11 restaurants with all the food we could ever want, booze, sun, surf, swimming and snorkeling.  I think I can find enough to keep me busy in paradise for 10 days without the tours. Did I mention before that I LOVE the ocean and can’t get enough of it? Just hope we don’t get too sunburned but we are taking lots of sunscreen.

Someone pinch me please I still can’t believe this is real :0)

Check these bloggers out for more fun and interesting information at Humor-Blogs and Blogerella

Find more blogs at Blogerella

Find more blogs at Humor Blogs


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