Yes I did!

There is a tattoo shop in Andover, KS where my son lives that is a two man operation. King Pete’s is owned by Pete,  the only non tattooed tattoo artist I have ever met and a young guy named Nolan who has been tattooing for about three years now.

Nolan tattooed my husband a couple of years ago and seemed very likeable and talented so when I decided I had a couple of tattoos I really wanted done I went to see him.

I have a tattoo already on my left wrist that is about my daughter and you can see it in the pictures of me knitting. I have always wanted a dream catcher on my other arm that is  a representation of my Native American heritage and my son who is sort of my dream catcher in life. He is always there for me when I need him. He supports me in anything I do and I love him to death. He is my only son and my baby.

Here is my new tattoo:


Hubby doesn’t see the “J” for our son’s  name nor does he see the heart – do you?

If you don’t, here is where to look:


and the heart:


I think that Nolan did a great job and got exactly what I wanted. Now it is still healing up so it still looks a bit rough. I have to admit that Nolan is one of the gentlest tattoo artists I have had so far. Not a bad experience at all and I could hardly feel him working which is high praise in my book. Being artistic as well as having a gentle touch with the needles makes me want to come back and I plan on it the first of October.  Yes, I am getting another tattoo done after Jamaica and it will be another bigger one on the other side of my shoulder/back to balance out my Geisha. I look forward to seeing what Nolan comes up with for the different styles I showed him that I love. Should be interesting and I look forward to my next tattoo.


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