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On Vacation

Starting Saturday we will be in Missouri at Stockton Lake for a fun filled (I hope) week of boating and fishing. We will be back on the Holiday weekend and I will stop by and visit then. Have a great week!

Happy Holiday!


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I know I’m a week early but I have been thinking about the holiday and making plans so I wanted to make sure I wished everyone a great Thanksgiving!

We are actually doing the dinner on Thursday this year and that will be the first time we have had dinner on the actual holiday in, oh, at least five years. I am stoked and looking forward to it. We have a small family so it will be a quiet affair with no frills but that suits me just fine.

Do you have a big family blowout or a small get together?

Who’s Idea Was This?

We have been wanting to paint the main areas of our house for some time now since they are a pretty drab off white/grayish sort of color and we have never cared that much for it in the five years we have lived in this house. So, Hubby and I got tired of each other’s griping and decided we would paint.

Are we crazy?

They make it look so easy on the home improvement shows on television.  Pick a color and go for it. Oh no, not the way it works.

We have been looking at color swatches for over a month now. Have lots of those little suckers taped every where so we can test the color. What a load of B.S. that is. We decided on a green color for our kitchen and a light mauve for the living room. The living room color actually worked out but man am I glad they do sample sizes on paint now because we tried the green color and immediately regretted that choice and I would have been very upset if we had bought enough to do the kitchen and had been stuck with that color…eeewww!

We are getting ready to paint the living room and the prep alone has been crazy beside trying to find a place for all the stuff we have in our living room. We still have some finial prep to do this morning and then it’s off  to the races.

What’s more of a surprise? Hubby is going to let me paint! Silly man, he has no clue what he is in for. This should be fun.

Winter Blahs

I don’t know about you but I am so completely tired of winter and cannot wait for Spring. Our winter hasn’t been bad per se, just gloomy with very few sunny days and that’s what has driven me up the wall – no sunshine.

I am ready to walk Freddie in the park and go fishing. I’m ready to feel the sun on my face. Just seems like this winter has bothered me more than prior years.

I love the Travelocity Gnome commercials, especially this one:

I sing along with this when ever it comes on and I am driving my Hubby crazy every time I do. I hear from him in the background –“I Know!” I think he gets the hint that I am ready for some fun and sun.

But  I can’t help it I have to sing along with the Gnome, I feel his pain! 

Yippee-Skipee I Get to Go

This last year was a rough one financially and I couldn’t travel with Hubby when he went out into the boonies of Kansas. I had to stay at home and stare at the walls and the animals. Well guess what – I get to go and it looks like we will be gone for two weeks.

Now I know that must not seem like much to you but to be able to get away from the house even if it isn’t to sunny Jamaica or places like that is still much preferable to his being gone and me staying at home alone. At least it is different scenery, different food, etc. and sort of like a mini adventure.

Okay, I made that last part up but hey! I GET TO GO!!!!!

I really need to get a life…..

I will be posting while out in the boonies so stay tuned, you never know what might go on out there.

Too Damn Funny!

I got this video in an email from Knitting and it is just freaking hysterical or at least I think so.

According to the email, people are having Ugly Sweater Parties. Yep, you read it right. Thrift stores across the country are being wiped out of their ugly sweaters especially ugly Christmas ones that were so popular in the 80’s. They compete to see who has the worst ugly sweater.

Don’t have a sweater ugly enough? Well don’t you worry. Just ask your friends, spouse, kids or even Santa to buy you one at Ugly and if that wasn’t good enough they have party tips for the Ugly Sweater Parties. !?!?!?!

What will they think of next?

Excuse me while I go look in my closet…….

image “Ugly Sweater Store provides you with ugly sweaters right when you need them.”

From an actual party


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Giveaway Now Closed! – Book Giveaway – A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris from the Sookie Stackhouse Series

touch of dead

If you are like me and love the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris then you are going to want this book.

A Touch of Dead” is four short stories that fills in things that happen to our favorite telepath such as when she first meets the twin of resident fairy, Claudine and learns that the twins were actually triplets.

Find out what happens on Dracula’s birthday, what happened to Sookie’s cousin Hadley and much more.

If you can’t wait then here is the link to buy the book on for less than $15 for the hardback copy or $9.99 for a Kindle download.

Or you can enter this giveaway for a chance to win a hardback copy and who doesn’t love getting a book for free?

One winner will receive a copy.

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Okay, here are the rules for this giveaway and you must follow them or your entry will be thrown out. I had to do that with a few on the last giveaway so please follow them closely.

Mandatory for first entry – if you don’t do this then no entries will count:

Leave me a comment about what you like best about the Sookie Stackhouse books or the HBO version, True Blood.

You must do this first before any other entries. Comments like, “I want to win” or “please enter me” without answering the requirement will get your comment deleted. The sponsor is graciously giving this for free so please visit the site. :0)

Extra entries:

  • Subscribe to Delaney’s World – 1 entry (counts if you already do)
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Please leave a comment for every entry

Make sure I can contact you! Leave email or Twitter id in your comment!

    This Giveaway will end on Tuesday Dec. 22nd at 9:00 pm CST.  Winner will be notified either on your blog, twitter or email and you have 48 hours to get back with me or another winner will be chosen.

USA – 18+

No PO Boxes please

This giveaway is listed at All Things Bloggy.

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