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What Is Body Modification?

Simplest answer is anything that is done to your body that alters your natural appearance. That can be as mundane as women wearing makeup or having pierced ears, braces and plastic surgery. Yes, those are body modifications, we are just so used to it that no one thinks of them as true modifications. The difference is usually noticed when the piercings are in areas other than the ears or a large amount of them before it is seen as a true modification. Plastic surgery is considered body modification when taken to extremes.

Tattooing, piercing  and scarification has been accepted body modification in various countries for centuries.  Tattoos have been around for quite some time in the USA but it has been in the last 20-25 years that tattoos are more acceptable with less of a stigma attached to it especially for women. Extreme piercings and scarifications are still generally looked at as taboo in our culture as well as those individuals that choose to tattoo their faces.

Most people consider body modification as anything that is done to your body that is a permanent change. Now there are numerous types of modifications that fall into this category.  Tongue splitting, giant lobe rings that stretch your earlobes into the size of tennis balls, cutting designs into your flesh and hoping for raised scar tissue in the shape of the design, these are the more permanent modifications and are still looked upon as taboo. Society as a whole has not embraced these practices.

I am a tattooed woman so I have practiced a form of body modification most women haven’t done, yet I personally would not go as far as some do with tattooing or any of the above mentioned modifications. While I would not do some of these modifications I will stand up for the right of the individuals to do what they want with their own bodies even if I think they are crazy for doing so. Not long ago I would have been looked down upon  for having ink, now no one looks twice at me unless it is to check out my ink.

Body modification can be as simple as makeup or as complicated as scarification with a whole lot in between.

Delaney’s World Goes Tattoo Crazy Today

I’m spending the full post showing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (cue song!) Oh.. low budget blog so if you remember the theme song, please whistle it here.

I was going to show a bunch of different people but got caught up on this one guy because his story fascinates me. Here is a young, now 22, man that made some spur of the moment decisions that he now lives with and seems to feel he has no choice but to finish what he started. Here is the picture I had before of him into the process but not as far as now.

This was when he was called "Skullboy"

This is “Zombie” and I have had his picture on here before. He is only 22 and has already managed to transform himself into a walking bag of bones, a tattooed Zombie. His name is irrelevant as “Zombie” is what he chooses to answer to today.

He was into Goth when he was in high school and got his first tattoo at the age of 16. He was into horror movies and got a zombie tattooed on his arm with the word zombie tattooed underneath. People started noticing and thought it was cool and it took off from there.

When Zombie was asked how long he thought about it before he had his face tattooed to look like a skull and he stated that he didn’t think about it at all, just did it. He was known on the internet as “Skullboy” for a time until he was able to get more tattooing done and his transformation progressed though that doesn’t mean anything to him, he doesn’t own a computer or get on the internet.

When asked if he was done he stated: ” There’s a shitload left to my body suit — I still need intestines, more brains, and to finish the arms and the armpits and the legs ’nd shit.” And he doesn’t plan on stopping once that is complete. Zombie stated: “After my body suit I wanna start getting like Frankenstein bolts around my brain, get my eyes tattooed black, sharpen my teeth and shit like that.”
Now the question I have is how he pays for all of this? He states that he doesn’t have a regular job and at the time was putting up posters for money. So how do you have the money to live let alone do this expensive extensive body modification and tattooing?

When asked if he was single he said “yes…very. They cut into my beer time.” No need to worry about what the girls think then is there? When asked about family reaction his mother had told him “you started it – you better finish it.” When asked if he regretted the tattoos, he said he did, but shrugged it off and said that at this point he doesn’t really notice them anymore and that he was always sort of a freak so these are an extension of that.

He has no problems with the average Joe’s reaction on the street. For people wanting pictures with him he’s cool and if people want to avoid him, he is fine with that as well.

I would love to read an interview with him in another 20 years and see what he thinks about all of this when he is 42. Such a young age to make such a life changing decision based on a whim.
Read the entire interview with him: Veronika/BME

Nicer Tattoos

This is just funny

This is just funny

Daemon Rowanchilde Tattoo

Daemon Rowanchilde Tattoo

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Bizarre Tattoos and Implants: Here to Stay?

I decided to cover a little more in depth the new trend for bizarre tattoos, dermal implants and piercings. I found a video of a guy being interviewed about all of his unusual body modifications and found it very interesting. Here is the short video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now I am not showing these to piss anyone off, really, I’m not. I am a firm believer in live and let live and if it ain’t hurting me or anyone else and you like it, then go for it. I am just showing extremes. These are people that for some reason only known to them and probably a close knit group of friends, have decided to go beyond accepted standards and by doing so, have made sure that they will stand out in today’s society.

My main question is how do any of these people make a living? If having one tattoo that shows might not let you be employed, how can these individuals ever hold down a regular 9-5 job? What are the day to day consequences of their decisions to stand out so completely? How do the average “normal” people react when encountering someone that looks like this and how do these individuals cope with those reactions?

Personally, I would love to spend a day with just one of them to see what the world in general thinks and treats them. I believe it would be a very eye opening day.

Just remember that these are human beings just like you and me, just with a stranger standard of what is an acceptable appearance. Excessive tattoos or piercings does not make them a bad person, just maybe a bit misguided.

Extreme even for the extreme??

Extreme even for the extreme??

How do you go back from this without surgery?

How do you go back from this without surgery?

I hope this is a joke and not real!  Child abuse anyone?

I hope this is a joke and not real! Child abuse anyone?

you don't see many women going to these extremes

you don't see many women going to these extremes

another one you can never change your mind without surgey

another one you can never change your mind on without surgey

Let’s finish up with some stand up comedy about the trend of body piercing and travel. He is PG13 with swear words bleeped.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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