What to think about before you get a tattoo

– Have a good idea of what you want –

You don’t have to have an exact drawing or picture of what you want, that is what the tattoo artist is for, but you need to have something to base your idea for your tattoo on and reference material helps the artist to get you what you really want.

Also have a good idea where you want to place your tattoo since size of the tattoo you want will determine the best placement. A big tat won’t work on your wrist and a little one floating on the middle of your back won’t look good either, so think about size and placement. Hands, necks and faces are not a good idea and most respectable artists won’t do tats in these areas as well as not in the genital area or anything racial or gang related.

– Visit your local tattoo shops –

Do not walk into a tattoo shop and have the first available artist do your tattoo! I made that mistake on my first tattoo so I speak from experience and it was not good. Take the time to visit the shops near you and look at the artists portfolios and check out their work. Your first visit to the shops is strictly to check out the cleanliness of the shop and the tattoo artists and look at their work and maybe talk to them if their work interests you.

No reputable shop will have a problem with you walking in and asking to see portfolios, if they do – walk away! If they don’t want to talk to you (if they aren’t working on someone) – walk away!

– Once you decide on a tattoo shop and tattoo artist –

Make an appointment with your artist to visit with them and take your reference materials with you to discuss what you want and where you want it. Your tattoo artist will need time to work up your drawing, so make your appointment to get the tattoo done. When you are going to have the tattoo done your artist will show you the drawing they came up with for your approval and any needed tweaks can be done then before the stencil is made.

They will have you check the stencil for final approval so check it carefully especially if there is any wording on the stencil to make sure there is no misspellings which usually cannot be fixed after the fact.  Once you approve of the stencil it will be put on the area you have decided you wanted it. Check the placement carefully to make sure it isn’t crooked or off centered. You are ultimately  responsible if it isn’t correct because they will ask you several times if this is what you want so be sure before they ink.

– Does it hurt? –

This is always one of the first questions asked. The answer isn’t that simple because of different factors such as the location of the tattoo, your pain threshold, etc.  Now I hate shots but I have no problem with getting tattooed because it is different from getting a shot. Boney areas like your feet or ribs are going to hurt more than your arm or shoulder area. There is some pain involved but mostly it is just irritating. Some people equate it to a bee sting but I don’t think it was that bad though they hit a few touchy spots on me and that is normal. Most of it isn’t too bad except for a spot or two.

– After care –

Follow all of the instructions that the tattoo artist gives you and you should do fine. Use what ever ointment they give you as often as they tell you and keep the new tattoo area clean and you should have good results. Sun is the enemy of tattoos so if you are planning on being out in the sun all day and you tat will be exposed, please use sunscreen or your tat will fade more quickly.

The only other advice I would give is stick with more traditional styles of tattoos and don’t go for trendy icons because they might not be so meaningful ten years down the road. A tattoo that means something to you instead of just being cute has a better chance of still being something you like.

More insane tattoos 4/25/2011

I love tattoos, good ones that is. I really love the ones I have, but sometimes you see some that you just have to wonder what the hell the person was thinking when they got their ink.

This guy LOVES Avatar!

Funny Pictures

Since we just celebrated Easter and the official candy is Peeps – here is a bad one for you!

Peep This Tat
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I don’t understand people getting inked with celebrity’s faces because fame is so fleeting and you might not be such a big fan ten years down the road. This one really struck me as odd.

I Must Wait for the Sunrise, I Must Think of a New Life
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If you are going to get a portrait piece done, please make sure the tattoo artist can do them before they ink  you or you wind up with this….

Supporting the Students of the Local Tattooing School for the Blind, I See
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Not all bad tats are from bad artists, some are just bad ideas, but there are a lot of bad tattoo “artists” out there so choose your artist carefully and wisely or you could end up on a blog post like this one.

Smoke gets in my eyes

One thing about this time of year and about living in the country is farmers burning their fields. This year everyone is burning and all about the same time. Today the rancher across the street decided to burn his pasture and he never burns. Yikes! Talk about smoke!

I had the windows open getting some fresh air  and cooling down the house but had to close up real quick with the thick,  totally engulfing cloud of smoke that came  pouring our way. Not my idea of fun.

At least it’s over with unless my neighbors on either side of us decide to do their fields too. God I hope not.

Ghost and Paranormal shows

I watch the SyFy channel quite often and today has been one of those days. Today SyFy has been plugging two of their paranormal shows, “Ghost Hunters” and “Destination Truth” pretty heavily. I must admit I don’t see the fascination of this type of show. It is sort of like the popularity of the WWF. You know it is fake as all get out yet it is extremely popular.

The clip from “Ghost Hunters” shows a guy going to bed and the paranormal event was the bedside lamp turned on. Now you can’t see the entire table and lamp so it isn’t like someone couldn’t be off camera turning on the lamp from one of the cord style flippers or the lamp is hooked to the light switch, but somehow the light coming on is supposed to be proof of a “ghost”. Nope not buying it, Nor am I buying the spooking night vision cameras with someone stopping and asking, “did you feel that?” or “did you see that?” of the person walking beside them. Lame, oh so lame.

And who came up with the rule that ghosts (if there are any) can only come out at night? Why would they be bound to the night and not be free to roam around whenever?  Every one of these shows happens at night when they can make it more spooky and easier to fake.

But that’s just me, cynical and suspicious.

Is it winter or summer?

I don’t know about where you live but here in Kansas, our weather can’t seem to make up its mind what season it should be which isn’t too strange for Kansas. We had cold and rainy with some ice just a few days ago and today it is going to be 80 degrees! This has been going on for about a month now and it is driving me nuts. My arthritis doesn’t like it too well either. I just want it to make up its ever loving mind and pick a bloody season and stick with it.


coldhot weather

I love my iPad


I was not sure before last Christmas whether or not I wanted a Nook, an IPad or a Kindle. I was looking at all three of them and debating the pros and cons of each of them. the IPad started out as the most expensive of the bunch but the Nook and the Kindle can get a bit pricey depending on which model you get.

Well Hubby took the worry out of my hands and bought me an IPad for my birthday and I can safely state that after three months with it I can’t imagine not having it. I get the plus of having all the ereaders on my IPad  (Ibooks, Nook, Kindle, Kobo) and lots of games, all of which (so far) have been for free.

I will give the Nook and Kindle the fact that they are more portable than the IPad but I am not someone that reads on the beach or by the pool. If I’m out in the sun I’m out there to enjoy the beach or pool. I can read at home or in the motel room.

I just love that there are so many applications for the IPad at little to no cost and I have a great time with my IPad, Now I’m glad I didn’t get an ereader since this is so much more.

Chuckle for the day 2/23/11

I haven’t done one of these in a long time and decided that I needed a good laugh and thought you might need one as well.

Baby Pics Baby Pics Cute Pictures epic fail photos - Make Shift Mall Ride FAIL gif white trash repairs - One's Doing Chores, One's Having a Blast
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If you get a tattoo with wording, double check the spelling before they start to ink or you wind up with something ironic like this.

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Pretty picture for the day