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Mud Daubers are Winning the battle




See the photo of the nasty looking bug? See the photo of lovely people having fun in their swimming pool? Well this year the the mud daubers are winning.




We have so many of the damned bugs that I can’t use our pool without fearing for my life. Standing on the back deck and looking out at the pool, all you can see is 10-20 of the critters hovering and landing on the water. Needless to say I am not going in the pool and deal with that.


Hubby and I used the pool a few weeks ago and were bugged (pun intended) by some of them and even squished a few that were stupid enough to get too close while we were in the water. Now I don’t want to try and fend them off.


Hubby now has a new to-do-list when he gets home. Now where did I put that hazmat suit?


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Icky Factor Reaches New Low

Hubby and I went into town for lunch and some shopping on Sunday and while driving around town listening to the radio I heard a local establishment’s advertisement and found myself staring at the radio and asking my husband if he heard what I just thought I did

Now I don’t know about your area but we still have car dealerships that still do the “cash for clunkers” promotions. You know the one where if you can drive or drag your worthless piece of junk car into the dealer, then you get money off towards your purchase of a new car. Doesn’t matter what shape the car is in, you will at least get something for it. Well, that is exactly the type of commercial I was listening to because it started out the same way as all of these do. Except it wasn’t a commercial for clunker cars.

You are not gonna believe this one!

I would have loved to have been in on the market strategy meeting when they came up with this one.

What I heard was a commercial using the same premise as the “cash for clunkers” in the car advertisements but what they were giving “cash for clunker” trade ins for was any non-working…..em, how to put this delicately…..appliances? Apparatuses?

You got it. An XXX Adult Toy Store.

Now I’m sure about this because I heard the advertisement twice while we were out. Now how icky is that???!!!

Just bring in your non-working “you-know-what” and they will give you cash towards a nice shiny new replacement. I would so not want to work in that store after that promotion aired just in case people actually took advantage of it. I’d be dressed in a bio-hazard safety suit including respirator and gloves and would only touch the “trade ins” with tongs.


Warning! Cuteness Overload

We went to KC this last weekend to celebrate my daughter’s birthday, Father’s Day and Hubby’s birthday all in one fell swoop. We have so many things happening one right after the other that sometimes we have to wait and do it all at once.

We hadn’t seen our granddaughter, Morgan, for about six weeks and I can’t believe how much she had changed. Last we saw her she was a little wobbly when trying to sit up and now she is doing it all by herself and wants to stand up when you pick her up.

Just had to show some cute pics of her and share the cuteness.




red outfit



I know I’m biased but I think she is a pretty special little bundle of joy and cute as can be!

Stilettos and Crime Fighting

Okay, is it just me or does it bother anyone else that some crime shows have the female detectives and coroners looking like super models and wearing totally inappropriate clothing, especially the shoes, while others like Law and Order: SVU and Fringe have the women in realistic clothing?

The CSI shows are one of the worst contenders, especially the Miami version since all the women have perfect (long and not pulled back) hair and wear stilettos while chasing the bad guys or tramping around crime scenes. Some of the new shows coming out this month look even worse with coroner is super model status with ridiculously high stilettos.  

I have watched the Law and Order: SVU and Fringe for years and the women look the part especially on Fringe. You never see the female lead with her hair done up and loads of makeup on and she wears flats that would  be standard issue. Much more believable and isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Believe the stories?


These women I can believe as cops and not fashion model police.




Not really practical working clothes for eight-ten hour days.




If you have seen the commercials for Rizzoli & Isles then you have seen the clothing and shoes. Can’t believe a coroner would wear 4-6 inch stilettos for eight hours or more per day. Now I know on the Closer (another fav of mine) Brenda may be fashionable yet serviceably dressed but she usually stays more in the police station than running around at crime scenes and I haven’t seen stilettos yet.

Anyone else out there notice this or am just being overly picky??


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This and That

Painting in the living room is 80% done and we really like the color. Now we didn’t want blues, greens or yellows so we went with Heritage Rose which is sort of a light mauve-ish color. After living with it for awhile, we really like it and it brightens up the living room considerably. Our son came over for dinner last Sunday and his only comment was – it’s pink. No, Heritage Rose. We have to live with it and we like it so everyone else can think what they want.

Next the kitchen and we haven’t decided on a color yet so look out world, no telling what the crazy people will come up with next.


The weather has been great, every day in the 80’s and beautiful. I decided that it was time to go fishing so today I get up about 6:30am and head off for Wally World to get some odds and ends I needed for my tackle box. Then I head off for the lake which is about 15 miles away. Get there and surprise! No one in the guard shack at the entrance to the Marina area. No problemo, I go to the Marina so I can buy my yearly park permit and get some bait. Nope, closed. I drive back about 5 miles to a bait shop and get what I need but they don’t sell park permits. Drive back to the Marina area and stop at the main parks office just before the entrance to the park. No again, no one home. This is getting frustrating. Go back into the park to the self pay station. Oh hell no. Not one single day pass paper to be found. I figure at this point I’m fishing and if a game warden comes by they can cart me off because I did my best to be legal.

Beautiful morning with a light breeze, I have the place to myself so what more could I want…to catch a freaking fish would have been nice. Two hours and not one singe solitary bite. It was time to go home.

Better luck next month.

Oy! My Aching Back….and Everything Else

I have to admit that I am horribly out of shape. Oh, and very overweight. Now about 5 years ago I managed to lose 50lbs and somewhat get into shape. I was so happy! I fit into clothes I hadn’t been able to wear in forever. There was a bounce in my step and all was right with the world.

That was great for about 2 years and then a medication I was on starting causing some bad side effects and I had to go off of it. The last 3 years have been a journey to find something else that worked as well and hopefully didn’t put a lot of weight on which most of these meds do. I started gaining weight within a few months and after about a year I gave up. Meds weren’t working and I was just getting fatter so who cares? I gained back 45 of that 50lbs.

Sometimes you just have to hit the wall and I did. I got tired of being so big and decided to do something about it. I revamped my diet and joined the YMCA.

Now working out when you are in bad shape is eye opening. The Y was not as big as the new one I’m going to. Man, this thing is huge! Has a rock climbing wall area, a kiddy pool, main pool, lap pool and a whole large pool and water park type area outside. Then we have 4 different areas of workout machines, racquet ball courts, basketball courts as well as classrooms for yoga, Pilates and spinning classes. Whew!

Now I have no clue what most of this stuff does yet but I have an appointment with a trainer who is supposed to show me how it all works so for right now, I just walk the track and enjoy the pools, saunas and hot tub.

Do you know how bad a shape you have to be in to have a granny lap your ass? I know I don’t walk fast, never have even when I was young but I have got to be the slowest person walking the track. Runners/joggers are lapping me like I was standing still. Granny passed me a couple of times and a couple with their baby in a papoose carrier even left me in the dust.

I’m determined to give it no mind and just complete the laps. That’s all that matters, right? I’m turning up my music and finishing my laps and the heck with everyone else – lap me, I don’t care.

One thing that freaked me out though is no one (except me apparently) seems to care if they are naked around a bunch of strangers. OH MY God! Everyone one from the young women to the granny-ladies is in the dressing room letting it all hang out. Gross! I change in the changing rooms cause no one is seeing my fat behind all naked and hanging out. I really didn’t want to see theirs. I guess I’m just too modest but then I don’t want to see myself naked and don’t want to show it off to any one else either.

I think I need a pair of blinders.

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Don’t Ask..Don’t Tell…A Nation’s Shame

***WARNING!!  I’m on my soapbox!!*******

I have been watching some of the discussions going on with our nation’s leaders and I am appalled that in 2010 we still have such blatant discrimination in our so called “enlightened” society. The fact that we still don’t have completely equal status for all of this countries inhabitants is a disgrace. We have so many uninformed individuals who hide behind religion in order to discriminate against their neighbors just because they are different.

I am hoping that the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy can be ended once and for all and that our gay military personnel can finally breath a sigh of relief and be treated the same as everyone else. So many countries have no issues with gay people on any level and here we are acting like a bunch of uninformed idiots.

I grew up around gay people and had lots of them as friends throughout my life and I can tell you I have never been afraid, worried or concerned being with them nor afraid to let them babysit my children. They are just like you and me and deserve to be treated as such.

Let’s get together and finally put an end to such blatant discrimination once and for all.

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