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This N’ That

Well, my shoulder is still hurting but is way better than it was before so yippee, progress!

I’m thrilled to see it isn’t over a 100 degrees every day any more. What a relief! Everything in my garden and yard is burnt to hell so the cooler temps are more than welcoming even if they are still in the 90’s.

Hope everyone is doing well and i hope to drop by soon.

Why Did It Have to be My Right Shoulder?

I haven’t been around for a while because I hurt my shoulder. Don’t know how, when or what I did but my right shoulder is messed up and it hurts to move it and my arm, naturally, I’m right handed so this has not been fun.

Right now I am on pain pills, ice and exercise and it still is very painful when I move my arm much at all. Sad part is I have no clue what I did to myself.

I think I hear my ice bag calling. Keep your fingers crossed that this heals up soon,

On Vacation

Starting Saturday we will be in Missouri at Stockton Lake for a fun filled (I hope) week of boating and fishing. We will be back on the Holiday weekend and I will stop by and visit then. Have a great week!

Snow and more snow

The last two weeks have proved that winter is definitely here and with a bit of an attitude. Last week we had a mini blizzard with about zero visibility for one entire day leaving high snow drifts. Yesterday it snowed all day and blew the snow everywhere again into snow drifts.

Now this sucks for small dogs like Freddie who are very close to the ground to start with and it makes it no fun for the owner (me) that has to go out and shovel a path to the yard so the poor dog can do his business. Wasn’t much fun yesterday in 5 degrees with a –12 degree wind chill.

I wonder if I can teach Freddie to use stilts?

not our idea of a fun weekend


We were home Saturday trying very hard to not do much of anything except stay as cool as we could. We had the AC cranked up and were watching movies until “IT” happened. Hubby started feeling really bad and we were off the the ER thinking he was having a heart attack. We were in the ER about 3.5 hours then they moved him to ICU so they could monitor him on as EKG monitor all night long and run some other tests. Didn’t like the results but they did move him to a cheaper telemetry room which is half the cost of the ICU unit.

Finally decided he wasn’t having a heart attack but that more was wrong with that so on Monday he had a heart cath done and they found an occluded artery and had to put in a stent.  Now he is on more meds then I am but he seems to be feeling better.

Officially he has Coronary Artery Disease and had to do the whole change your way of living. He finally must stop smoking and eat a better diet. He is so set in his bad ways that this is going to be very difficult for him but I think it scared him enough to get him motivated.

Also, having all this happen when you have no health insurance makes you not want another $40,000 repeat performance anytime soon.


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morgan’s 9 month pictures


I know you are all probably tired of baby pictures but I had to share these because they are so precious. Morgan’s babysitter is a wonderful photographer and did a wonderful job.


9 mo





Didn’t Jennifer do a marvelous job?? Love these pics.


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My Hero – AKA Hubby


If you read my post from about a week ago, you will know that we have had a bad, bad infestation of Mud Dabbers and I have not been able to go swimming because they took it over. Well, today I got to use the pool.

My brave hero, armed in only a bathing suit and a fly swatter decided to take on the massive hoards and protect the damsel in distress – AKA me.

It was a fearsome battle as the enemy swooped and dive bombed my fair hero but he prevailed and managed to kill 30 of the mad, mad buggers while we were in the water. Once again the fair damsel is safe in her own backyard and swimming pool.

All hail the conquering hero who so gallantly took his own life in his hands and saved the day!

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