I watch the SyFy channel quite often and today has been one of those days. Today SyFy has been plugging two of their paranormal shows, “Ghost Hunters” and “Destination Truth” pretty heavily. I must admit I don’t see the fascination of this type of show. It is sort of like the popularity of the WWF. You know it is fake as all get out yet it is extremely popular.

The clip from “Ghost Hunters” shows a guy going to bed and the paranormal event was the bedside lamp turned on. Now you can’t see the entire table and lamp so it isn’t like someone couldn’t be off camera turning on the lamp from one of the cord style flippers or the lamp is hooked to the light switch, but somehow the light coming on is supposed to be proof of a “ghost”. Nope not buying it, Nor am I buying the spooking night vision cameras with someone stopping and asking, “did you feel that?” or “did you see that?” of the person walking beside them. Lame, oh so lame.

And who came up with the rule that ghosts (if there are any) can only come out at night? Why would they be bound to the night and not be free to roam around whenever?  Every one of these shows happens at night when they can make it more spooky and easier to fake.

But that’s just me, cynical and suspicious.