Freddie (our dachshund) has needed to go to the vet for surgery for awhile since he had two mole-like growths and a cyst that had been drained before but had returned. We took him in and had everything removed and they sent off the tissue for evaluation. Good thing we did.

The two mole-like growths were benign, but what everyone thought was a cyst, wasn’t a cyst at all. Turned out to be a type –two tumor and they didn’t get all of it so a week after Freddie’s first surgery, he had another one so they could remove more tissue. Vet is sure he got all of it this time.

Freddie has a vertical incision right behind his front leg that is about six inches long so of course they don’t want him jumping on/off things. Yeah, right. I’ve got a bouncy little dog who still is bouncy after two major surgeries. We try and catch him before he jumps off the couch and the bed and have succeeded pretty well so far, but Freddie is gonna do what Freddie wants to do.

We go back in on the 31st to see how he is doing and to hopefully get his stiches taken out. I’ll just be glad to have my buddy back to normal.