Every year around the holiday months, (Nov-Dec) I go through a depression and it isn’t a pretty sight to be around. I was hoping that with the new grand baby that this year would be different, but nope, here we are in Oct. and it has started during this last week.

This week I have felt myself sliding into a very low place. I am cyclothymic which means that I cycle through highs and lows about every 12 weeks or so. Sometimes it is 9 weeks; sometimes I get 16 weeks of freedom. This year though has been a rough one with shorter time spans between them but they haven’t lasted a long time, but as I’ve stated, the holiday time period is bad for me.

I think it is because we only have a small family so all the big get togethers are for other people and not us. We usually do the holidays on a different day as well and that makes the actual holiday suck. Going to a movie on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day instead of the usual holiday festivities brings me down.

Medications that have worked for me in the past have stopped working and the doctor and I have been working on a new med regime and so far it seemed to be working, at least until the last few days where I have been very down and anxious. It is worrying me since this is so early for this to hit.

I’m hoping this is just a small, temporary setback and that I get through this quickly and have a better time over the holidays.