First off, Hubby is doing better and we are hoping for a clean bill of health when he has his follow up doctor appointment with the heart specialist. He has definitely had a wake up call with this close call and is starting to take better care of himself, is quitting smoking and doesn’t fight with me over food choices any more. He’s learning that salad isn’t a bad thing after all.  ;-}


We had a long wait over the holiday weekend because Freddie’s face was so swollen up he could barely see. Naturally it happened over a long weekend and we felt so bad for him. He wound up having surgery immediately on the vet looking at him on that Tuesday. Poor baby had abscessed teeth and had to have nine pulled altogether.

The good thing about him going in is we finally found a vet that really looked at Freddie. All these years we have had him we were told by the vets we saw that he had allergies, and yes he does but that wasn’t the main issue with his constant chewing on his legs and being itchy all the time. Poor baby has had a major yeast infection on his skin and in his ears. This vet diagnosed it and now after a week of topical and oral meds, he is doing so much better. His skin has never looked this good since we got him. I still can’t believe that three different vets misdiagnosed him!

So between doctoring the dog and going along with Hubby for work, I’ve been rather busy. Both Hubby and I felt it was a good idea to have me go along with him until we get an all clear from the doctor since he works away from home and is alone in motels. If something happened it could be potentially  very bad so me coming along is a bit of insurance.

Anyhow, both boys are doing better and that’s what matters.



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