We were home Saturday trying very hard to not do much of anything except stay as cool as we could. We had the AC cranked up and were watching movies until “IT” happened. Hubby started feeling really bad and we were off the the ER thinking he was having a heart attack. We were in the ER about 3.5 hours then they moved him to ICU so they could monitor him on as EKG monitor all night long and run some other tests. Didn’t like the results but they did move him to a cheaper telemetry room which is half the cost of the ICU unit.

Finally decided he wasn’t having a heart attack but that more was wrong with that so on Monday he had a heart cath done and they found an occluded artery and had to put in a stent.  Now he is on more meds then I am but he seems to be feeling better.

Officially he has Coronary Artery Disease and had to do the whole change your way of living. He finally must stop smoking and eat a better diet. He is so set in his bad ways that this is going to be very difficult for him but I think it scared him enough to get him motivated.

Also, having all this happen when you have no health insurance makes you not want another $40,000 repeat performance anytime soon.


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