I like to think I am somewhat tech savvy in that I love technology and am always fascinated  by the new stuff out there already and am amazed at what is to come in the next six months, let alone the next year. But when it comes to reading, I am a very old dinosaur and am damn proud of it.


Everyone is getting a Kindle (yeah, you Linda and my child too) or a Nook. Now while I think this are cool tech advances and are great for some people, I ain’t one of them. I can’t see spending the $200 or so, then paying $10 for downloads. I get most of my hardback books for that or less, at least most of the time.


I just prefer the feel of a hard bound book in my hands while I read. It is comforting and more substantial then a paperback book which I have always hated unless they were the size of a standard hardback book. The print in most paperbacks have been bad on my eyes for many (too many!) years and it is easier for me to read the print in a hardback book.

My Hubby would be happy if this wasn’t so and probably would buy me a Kindle or Nook for my birthday or Christmas as long as I promised to clear out the ton of books I have all over the house.

Not gonna happen. I’m old (aka dinosaur) and stuck in my ways and they will pry my precious books out of my cold, dead hands. Then I hope they get donated to another old dinosaur like me that will appreciate them.

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