Hubby and I went into town for lunch and some shopping on Sunday and while driving around town listening to the radio I heard a local establishment’s advertisement and found myself staring at the radio and asking my husband if he heard what I just thought I did

Now I don’t know about your area but we still have car dealerships that still do the “cash for clunkers” promotions. You know the one where if you can drive or drag your worthless piece of junk car into the dealer, then you get money off towards your purchase of a new car. Doesn’t matter what shape the car is in, you will at least get something for it. Well, that is exactly the type of commercial I was listening to because it started out the same way as all of these do. Except it wasn’t a commercial for clunker cars.

You are not gonna believe this one!

I would have loved to have been in on the market strategy meeting when they came up with this one.

What I heard was a commercial using the same premise as the “cash for clunkers” in the car advertisements but what they were giving “cash for clunker” trade ins for was any non-working…..em, how to put this delicately…..appliances? Apparatuses?

You got it. An XXX Adult Toy Store.

Now I’m sure about this because I heard the advertisement twice while we were out. Now how icky is that???!!!

Just bring in your non-working “you-know-what” and they will give you cash towards a nice shiny new replacement. I would so not want to work in that store after that promotion aired just in case people actually took advantage of it. I’d be dressed in a bio-hazard safety suit including respirator and gloves and would only touch the “trade ins” with tongs.