Okay, is it just me or does it bother anyone else that some crime shows have the female detectives and coroners looking like super models and wearing totally inappropriate clothing, especially the shoes, while others like Law and Order: SVU and Fringe have the women in realistic clothing?

The CSI shows are one of the worst contenders, especially the Miami version since all the women have perfect (long and not pulled back) hair and wear stilettos while chasing the bad guys or tramping around crime scenes. Some of the new shows coming out this month look even worse with coroner is super model status with ridiculously high stilettos.  

I have watched the Law and Order: SVU and Fringe for years and the women look the part especially on Fringe. You never see the female lead with her hair done up and loads of makeup on and she wears flats that would  be standard issue. Much more believable and isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Believe the stories?


These women I can believe as cops and not fashion model police.




Not really practical working clothes for eight-ten hour days.




If you have seen the commercials for Rizzoli & Isles then you have seen the clothing and shoes. Can’t believe a coroner would wear 4-6 inch stilettos for eight hours or more per day. Now I know on the Closer (another fav of mine) Brenda may be fashionable yet serviceably dressed but she usually stays more in the police station than running around at crime scenes and I haven’t seen stilettos yet.

Anyone else out there notice this or am just being overly picky??


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