If you weren’t around this time last year or just forgot, here is my post on our ladybug invasion which has happened for the last few years:



Now this year isn’t so bad after Hubby reinforced the screens on the roof vents but we still get them only in the  bathroom. Now if you have to have ladybugs then the bathroom is my preferred part of the house.

It is sort of fascinating watching them start to come in and take over. First you have one or two strolling along the floor  or countertop or bathtub. Then the next day there are a  couple more and it’s beginning to look like a battlefield. Threw me a bit when I had one on my toothbrush…eeww! But some soap and water took care of that.

Today I opened up the medicine cabinet and guess where those little buggers were hiding. don’t know why since there isn’t any good drugs in there though stoned lady bugs could be interesting.

They should be here for a few more weeks and then I will be sweeping up little corpses. Ready to take them on again next year.


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