Painting in the living room is 80% done and we really like the color. Now we didn’t want blues, greens or yellows so we went with Heritage Rose which is sort of a light mauve-ish color. After living with it for awhile, we really like it and it brightens up the living room considerably. Our son came over for dinner last Sunday and his only comment was – it’s pink. No, Heritage Rose. We have to live with it and we like it so everyone else can think what they want.

Next the kitchen and we haven’t decided on a color yet so look out world, no telling what the crazy people will come up with next.


The weather has been great, every day in the 80’s and beautiful. I decided that it was time to go fishing so today I get up about 6:30am and head off for Wally World to get some odds and ends I needed for my tackle box. Then I head off for the lake which is about 15 miles away. Get there and surprise! No one in the guard shack at the entrance to the Marina area. No problemo, I go to the Marina so I can buy my yearly park permit and get some bait. Nope, closed. I drive back about 5 miles to a bait shop and get what I need but they don’t sell park permits. Drive back to the Marina area and stop at the main parks office just before the entrance to the park. No again, no one home. This is getting frustrating. Go back into the park to the self pay station. Oh hell no. Not one single day pass paper to be found. I figure at this point I’m fishing and if a game warden comes by they can cart me off because I did my best to be legal.

Beautiful morning with a light breeze, I have the place to myself so what more could I want…to catch a freaking fish would have been nice. Two hours and not one singe solitary bite. It was time to go home.

Better luck next month.