We have been wanting to paint the main areas of our house for some time now since they are a pretty drab off white/grayish sort of color and we have never cared that much for it in the five years we have lived in this house. So, Hubby and I got tired of each other’s griping and decided we would paint.

Are we crazy?

They make it look so easy on the home improvement shows on television.  Pick a color and go for it. Oh no, not the way it works.

We have been looking at color swatches for over a month now. Have lots of those little suckers taped every where so we can test the color. What a load of B.S. that is. We decided on a green color for our kitchen and a light mauve for the living room. The living room color actually worked out but man am I glad they do sample sizes on paint now because we tried the green color and immediately regretted that choice and I would have been very upset if we had bought enough to do the kitchen and had been stuck with that color…eeewww!

We are getting ready to paint the living room and the prep alone has been crazy beside trying to find a place for all the stuff we have in our living room. We still have some finial prep to do this morning and then it’s off  to the races.

What’s more of a surprise? Hubby is going to let me paint! Silly man, he has no clue what he is in for. This should be fun.