Well, I’ve been having a heck of a time since my computer decided to crash but not quite burn. I had a corrupted C drive and could in no way, shape or form fix it so I had to do the dreaded complete reboot and take my Toshiba back to the factory settings. God I hate it when I have to do that and yes, I lost a lot of stuff I had on my computer.

I see those computer crash commercials that are trying to get you to back up your files on line and after this crash, I am seriously thinking about it. A lot of my stuff is online (like photobucket) so I didn’t lose everything but just enough to be aggravating as hell.

One thing that made me want to throw my computer across the room was finding the stupid key to start the re-install. Now all these years I’ve had computers it was always one of the function keys at the top of the keyboard. Usually F9 or F12. Do any of these bloody keys work? NO!! I restarted my computer while hitting every one of those damn keys with no luck. So, I go online to the website and no info. I finally give up and just type in the info in Google and then waded through the information. Eureka! Guess what key you press during start up? The freaking 0 (zero) key!!!! Yeah… I would have eventually thought of that – not!

How random is that? So finally after a couple of hours I am on the road to having a working computer. I really am wiped by this and just want it to work and once the basic install is done, I give it up for the evening. Enough is enough and my tolerance/patience level is not the best on a great day.

I did luck out on one thing I was worried about and that was all my passwords. I use “Last Pass” and it stores your passwords online so once I reinstalled it on my computer all of my passwords were there. Now when I go to a websites I have listed on Last Pass, it automatically signs me in. Breath of relief on that one and one bullet dodged.

I swear, a Mac is looking better and better.