Still under the weather but doing better


Just a quick update on Freddie, he is better since the ear has scabbed over but it hasn’t fully healed yet and we try to get him to not scratch as much on his rugs since that is what started this whole mess. At least he hasn’t had to make a trip to the vet yet and we hope to keep it at that.


This Wonderful Winter Weather

This weekend was proof positive that winter is not done with us yet though I am hoping and praying that this weekend was the last go around. We had quite the winter storm on Friday night/Saturday morning and then blowing cold and snow for the rest of the day Saturday. Today it is sunny and clear but darn cold. I am seriously hoping to see no more snow and just increasingly sunny and warm weather from here on out.



Pic shot through the blowing wind and snow



So how is the winter weather doing in your neck of the woods? Oh, and Noemi, I don’t want to hear about how tough the weather has been in the Philippines. You know I’m gonna show up on your porch one of these winters, simply to beat the cold.


Have a great time with what is left of the weekend and have a great week as well!