I have a quirky little dog that is a strange puppy but thoroughly adorable. His name is Freddie  (for those of you that don’t know) and he is full of silly things he does on a regular basis that we have just become accustomed to.

He has severe allergies and is itchy all the time. He loves a couple of throw rugs we have and he uses them to scratch all his itchy parts. He will get to going on one of these rugs and all you will hear is little piggy grunts of contentment as well as all the scratching noises.

On top of this he does the dreaded ear flap. Most dachshunds can do this, or at least all of the dachshunds we have had have done it. It can be pretty deadly if you are in too close of a proximity to the ears during the ear flap. This is a very rapid back and forth movement of his head in which the ears flap back and forth at a very high rate of speed. Stings like hell if you are too close.

This past Sunday, Freddie was particularly aggressive in his rug/ear flap combo and had been all evening. This is nothing to be concerned about usually but I did find myself hollering at Freddie to “knock it off.”

Freddie jumps up on the couch and I don’t think anything of it until I glance at him and notice blood on his neck. I grab him and holler “OMG!” Then I notice blood on his face – OMG! Then I notice that there is blood all over his back and side – OMG-OMG-OMG!!!!!

I now have a death grip on Freddie and Hubby has run over to see what all the fuss is about. We are now checking out all the bloody areas and can’t find anything. Then we notice his ear.

Freddie has one ear that has a notch in it and he has had this since we rescued him and we have never thought anything about it. Well, this notch is what has opened up during his rug/ear flap session.

I cannot believe the amount of blood that came out of this little dog from just the tip of his ear. I also can’t believe how freaking difficult this was to stop. Of course he is still ear flapping and blood is flying everywhere. Can’t talk to a dog and tell him that ear flapping with an open wound is not a good idea. Well, you can but I guarantee he wasn’t listening.

Hubby tried a couple of different ways to wrap up his ear but that is a strange place to bandage and rug rubbing tends to work the bandage off. After the second or third attempt we got it stopped.

This lasted for about 2 days.

He got the bandage off and we were good for about 12 more hours and then he opened it up all over again. Now my house has blood absolutely everywhere. I am still finding blood drops I missed. This is a 20lb dog that is about 18 inches tall and he managed to get blood slung up to the top of my glass sliding door.

Let me tell you, those CSI guys on TV would have loved the spray/drip  patterns  that were everywhere in my living room.

We have had a couple of days with no carnage but I just looked at his ear and it is trying to open up again. We may have a trip to the vet in store if it opens up again.

Anyone know a good haz-mat team?

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