I have to admit that I am horribly out of shape. Oh, and very overweight. Now about 5 years ago I managed to lose 50lbs and somewhat get into shape. I was so happy! I fit into clothes I hadn’t been able to wear in forever. There was a bounce in my step and all was right with the world.

That was great for about 2 years and then a medication I was on starting causing some bad side effects and I had to go off of it. The last 3 years have been a journey to find something else that worked as well and hopefully didn’t put a lot of weight on which most of these meds do. I started gaining weight within a few months and after about a year I gave up. Meds weren’t working and I was just getting fatter so who cares? I gained back 45 of that 50lbs.

Sometimes you just have to hit the wall and I did. I got tired of being so big and decided to do something about it. I revamped my diet and joined the YMCA.

Now working out when you are in bad shape is eye opening. The Y was not as big as the new one I’m going to. Man, this thing is huge! Has a rock climbing wall area, a kiddy pool, main pool, lap pool and a whole large pool and water park type area outside. Then we have 4 different areas of workout machines, racquet ball courts, basketball courts as well as classrooms for yoga, Pilates and spinning classes. Whew!

Now I have no clue what most of this stuff does yet but I have an appointment with a trainer who is supposed to show me how it all works so for right now, I just walk the track and enjoy the pools, saunas and hot tub.

Do you know how bad a shape you have to be in to have a granny lap your ass? I know I don’t walk fast, never have even when I was young but I have got to be the slowest person walking the track. Runners/joggers are lapping me like I was standing still. Granny passed me a couple of times and a couple with their baby in a papoose carrier even left me in the dust.

I’m determined to give it no mind and just complete the laps. That’s all that matters, right? I’m turning up my music and finishing my laps and the heck with everyone else – lap me, I don’t care.

One thing that freaked me out though is no one (except me apparently) seems to care if they are naked around a bunch of strangers. OH MY God! Everyone one from the young women to the granny-ladies is in the dressing room letting it all hang out. Gross! I change in the changing rooms cause no one is seeing my fat behind all naked and hanging out. I really didn’t want to see theirs. I guess I’m just too modest but then I don’t want to see myself naked and don’t want to show it off to any one else either.

I think I need a pair of blinders.

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