I really am not a mean person and I don’t go looking for people to pick on but some times it just can’t be helped.

You can see these people in any town or city but I swear they are more abundant out in smaller communities and they seem to flock to me and it is all I can do to hold my tongue. I’m talking about shoppers that look like this:




Let me state up front, I am not a small woman but I do have a mirror and I check myself out in it and make sure I don’t wear something that is way too small and I don’t walk around with body parts hanging out. I mean, what is it with people that makes them not care what they look like?

We had a big guy in line behind us at the WalMart in Colby and he was scary. His clothes were dirty and his shirt did not cover his ample belly which was hanging out below the hem of his shirt and it was not a pretty sight at all. Sometimes I want to say something because it is this type of individual which helps to perpetuate some of the awful stereotypes about larger people. Not all of us dress that badly. No, I don’t have couture but my clothes fit or if they are too small then I don’t wear it.

The second picture is of a small woman wearing obviously too small pants. Just because you are thin doesn’t make this any more attractive then if you were heavy and showing your backside.

I just have seen so much of this lately and I want to tell these folks that I don’t appreciate the peep show whether they are skinny or larger.

Is it just me or does this bother anyone else besides me?

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