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I had the pleasure of reading, “Along the Fortune Trail” by Harvey Goodman. Westerns have always been a favorite of mine to watch as movies. John Wayne was always on the top of my list of movies to watch. Loved the old westerns of the 1950’s and 1960’s. I just never got into the genre as books to read. Don’t know why but as a historical romance/adventure, westerns just never did it for me. “Along the Fortune Trail” however did hold my interest and was a fun read.

I got to  interview Mr. Goodman:

Q:   How long have you been writing novels?

A:  This is my first novel

Q:   What made you decide to write a western since that is not one of the current “popular” historical novel themes?

A: I’ve always enjoyed Westerns. I have read everything Louis L’amour ever wrote, and quite a bit of Zane Grey, Larry McMurtry, Cormac McCarthy, and others. But I don’t think my style would be characterized as  anything resembling the aforementioned. Although I’ve read a broad spectrum of genres, and most of my all-time favorite books are not westerns, my love of the outdoors and my experiences in very remote places of the west compelled me to write a western.

Q:  Lonny and Sammy are definitely unique characters that you obviously had a great time developing but which character was the most fun? The hero or the very bad man?

A: All of the characters were great fun, and in creating them I came to intimately know and understand each one’s contribution to the story, as a painter would in using different colors and techniques of shading and nuance to complete a work. I had the most fun with Sammy but also very much enjoyed Blaine, Emily, Claire and Margaret, and Annie Jordan of the Jupiter Sky. Lonny was challenging and pursued his own fortune trail, but of course served a distinctive purpose. I also enjoyed the brief but interesting appearance of Clip and Odie.

Q:  Are you working on anything right now?

A: I just began writing my second novel. It’s a sequel to Along The Fortune Trail.

Q:  What do you enjoy most about the writing process?

A:  For me, the writing process is like taking a journey, or perhaps more like climbing a mountain; Mount Everest comes to mind. The trip is both brutally challenging and beautifully fulfilling. Writing delivers you to a sanctuary where your purpose becomes defined and your worth validated as you attempt to raise the infant through childhood and on to the fulfillment of its potential.  And all of this is undertaken to create something that the reader, the audience will enjoy. If you can manage to entertain an audience, your journey and purpose is consummated and extremely gratifying

Q:  Can we look forward to more novels?

A: I expect to write more novels and have considered expanding to other genres. For the moment, however, on with the wild west show!

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