Since I got a free upgrade with my new computer that I bought in August, I was really looking forward to it as I really hated Vista with a passion. I keep giving Microsoft my blood, sweat and tears not to mention money but at least this time I’m not out of pocket. Thank goodness. Windows 7 has a lot of really cool features that if you don’t read up on you will never know they are there or how to use them. I did spend $32 (list price $50) for a book on Win7 and I am very, very, glad I did. This is a life saver if you plan on updating your OS, just don’t be intimidated by the size of the book since it is huge.

Get this book!

The Good:

I have tried paring down what I have on my computer or checking if there are upgrades for Win7 but I find that most of the programs I have already work on Win7. So far, so good and no software issues. Also I have not run into any hardware conflicts and that is without updating any drivers. Yippee!

The Bad:

If you don’t have a book or website to let you know about the new stuff in Win7 you can get very aggravated at some of the features that only need some tweaking for your personal preferences such as how documents are displayed. You’ve seen the commercials where they are comparing documents side-by-side on the computer screen. This is a really neat feature but there are lots of secrets on how to use this more efficiently. Sometimes I think that the “secrets” are built in so there will be thirty books out there telling you the best way to use the program. I just know that if I use something from Microsoft (computer OS or productivity suite) then I know I’m going to be buying books on how to use them the most efficiently or I will miss out on some neat features of the programs.

The Ugly:

The biggest problem I have had since upgrading to Win7 is the crashing factor but isn’t that the way Windows usually goes? I love getting on the internet and checking out blogs and looking for cool pictures but both I.E. and Firefox crash almost continuously. If I stay off the internet I have no problems or issues but that is not how I roll. I don’t have a day go by that I don’t get on the internet to update my blogs, read blogs and articles and check my email (except when I’m fishing then all bets are off) so I’m really hoping that they address this issue soon. What is really frustrating is not only do IE 8 and Firefox crash but you have to go into the task manager and kill the process or it stays in the background without you being able to use it. Think about that sentence. You cannot kill out the app by clicking on the application button, nope, you have to hunt it down in the process section to kill it and start over without rebooting your system. This is getting very old, very quickly.

All in all I am glad I upgraded to Windows 7 but if I was really expecting it to be crash proof then I should have known better. I do feel that the new features I am discovering are worth the aggravations. Though as I am typing this Live Writer is crashing on me….ugh!! Is it worth the $120 to upgrade? Well, I would spring for the difference and go with the $170 upgrade through for the Windows 7 Professional since there are a lot of features that the pro version has that the others don’t. I would however recommend waiting to see what bug fixes they put out in the next couple of months before deciding to drop that much cash.

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