Not terribly pretty is it? Not my favorite scenery but I will state for the record that on Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010 I was very, very thankful that I live in Kansas.

This morning I left to go to Kansas City to spend some time with my daughter and grand baby. I made it about an hour from home then don’t know what happened other then I managed to not hit any other cars and didn’t kill myself as I went off of the Kansas Turnpike, just missed a culvert and ended up against a farmer’s field fence.  I have no clue what happened because I apparently suffered a blackout episode or possibly had a  seizure and went off the highway.

All I know is one minute I was driving down the road listening to a book on tape, the next thing I’m in a snow bank about halfway down the ravine and was stopped by a fence. I came to my senses staring out the window looking at my busted off mirror that is hanging down. I was not conscious for the trip down the hill. I absolutely have no clue what happened and no one stopped if they saw what happened.

The Powers That Be were watching over me, that’s for sure. I am happy to state that other than a slightly broken car – 2 tires, a mirror and paint plus some under carriage damage – and a few bumps and bruises, the car and I will both survive. Love spending the afternoon in a small town hospital.

My doctor told my family that they are not to leave me alone for awhile nor am I to drive until he figures out what caused the blackout.

Sometimes it’s good to live in a state where things are few and far between, much more difficult to hit something that way.

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