I have a cool little program that I found called “FotoSketcher” that is just the neatest little slice of heaven I have run into in quite some time. I reviewed it on my new blog, “Delaney’s Reviews” but since that is a very new blog I thought I would share it here where more people may read about it and try it out.

FotoSketcher is just what the title implies, it “sketches” out any photo you choose and turns the photograph into a work of art. You can choose from pencil, pen and ink, water color and oil painting. Let me show you a couple of pictures I have done and use for wallpaper on my computer.

Original photo:


And now, FotoSketched as a watercolor – click on the photo to make larger so you can see the details.

FotoSketcher - desktop-wallpaper674

Original photo:


Photo done as an oil painting:

FotoSketcher - desktop-wallpaper643

This is just the neatest little program that I have tried in a long, long time and it is extremely addictive especially when you do photos of loved ones.

I highly recommend you try this and best of all, the program is FREE!!!

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