I have come to the conclusion that I hate cold weather. Just absolutely hate it…

Well, at least what we have here in Kansas at least. The weather in Kansas can’t make up it’s mind what it wants to do and is just all over the place. Now if it would just snow instead of attempting to snow I think it would be better.

Right now it is grey, cloudy and plain miserable looking outside. Do we have any snow to show for it? Nope, and I  bet it will, as Hubby puts it, “spit snow” at us today or tonight and we won’t have the pretty snowfall that others get.

Here is our weather forecast for the week:

weather forecast

“Snow Showers?” Yeah, that means spitting snow not snowing.  If it looked like this then I wouldn’t mind the cold:



At least with the snow you can make snowmen, have snowball fights, something fun anyway and it looks great.

Instead, we have this:


Isn’t that a pretty back yard? No? I don’t think so either. How about this one?


Naw, out front doesn’t look too whoopee either. Not enough snow to have fun but enough to just make it cold and miserable,  not pretty and fun. Snowy weather kind of walks a thin line between good and yucky around here and right now it is yucky.

Now before you get all “yeah, you should see what it is like back here” mode on me let me just state that I have been all over this country in winter when Hubby was a long haul truck driver and I have been in Wisconsin and Michigan in the dead of winter. The snow was up to the middle of the semi-truck’s door and it wasn’t that fun getting out and getting into the truck terminals or service stations but the roads get cleared quickly and they know how to deal with snow. Here? Most folks don’t and drive like there isn’t snow when we get wet, drab days like today and the roads can be slicker than usual. Plus if it is going to be wintery then I want the pretty along with it.

I know, I sound like a petulant child but darn it all, that’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it!

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