This is a sad, sad tale but alas, it is true.

I lost an entire ten hours of my life yesterday. Poof! Gone! Never to be seen or heard of again. You see, I upgraded my Toshiba laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

This is not a tale for the faint hearted so read on at your own peril.

I love my laptop even though if I had paid closer attention I might have ordered a different model. Everything is on the right hand side and I am right handed so that gets a bit annoying  with the power cord on that side as well as other essentials. Also, the (what I thought at the time) cool CD/DVD slot instead of a tray is a royal pain in the neck since it doesn’t auto eject half the time and you jump through hoops to get to where the eject function is. I found out that that is a supremely true statement upon upgrading my OS.

I won’t bore you with all the details of the hoops I had to jump through to get my free upgraded version of Windows 7. That alone was hair raising,  frustrating and a lot of time spent on straightening everything out but finally, Yippee-Skippee it showed up in the mail  on Monday. Yesterday I began my,  unbeknownst to me, ordeal.

Straight out of the gate I have to back up my data, which I should do more often anyway, but that takes about an hour all on it’s own. Getting my laptop to spit out my backup DVDs (3 of them) as they were full was enough to make me want to throw the laptop across the room. This was my harbinger of things to come.

I then started the actual upgrade once the backup was done.


I started it at 1pm and finally finished at 9pm! I kid you not. I did not realize I was giving up that much of my life just to upgrade my OS. Trust me, you have to stay with the computer to click on the “next” button or it sits and stares at you.

At one point, around 6:30pm or so I thought I was done. Nope. I should be so lucky. That was how long it took for the upgrade to read my computer, delete obsolete files and pathways and clear off anything that was not compatible. The rest of the night was spent to actually install the bloody thing.

Now once installed it is doing it’s thing. Do you get a manual? No. Of course not. This is Windows after all and they make lots and lots of money selling books on how to operate your OS. It is very much of learning on the fly with this one. There are some really cool upgrades and one of them makes me wish I had gotten the optional touch screen but at the time I ordered this one I didn’t think much about getting it. Dang it all! Very, very cool option if you can afford to get it on your next laptop and is supported by Windows 7.


Do I like the new version of Windows? So far I will say yes, but time will tell if it is as buggy as Vista and crashes as much.  Would I have bought the upgrade if it hadn’t come free with the purchase of my laptop? Dunno. Maybe if I got the version that has three licenses so you can upgrade more than one of your computers and in my house that would work out just fine.

I’m going to give it a chance and see what happens. Unfortunately I will either lose a chunk of my life spending time online trying to learn more about the features I can use in Win 7 or I will lose a chunk of money buying one of the bloody Win 7 manuals.

Ah, decision, decisions…..

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