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I hate housework. No, I loath housework every single last bit of it. Our home is not like the shows “Clean House” or “Hoarders” but we will never be in a “Home Beautiful” either. We don’t have a lot of storage and there is only Hubby and me so we do have a Junk/Craft room and the other spare bedroom has a futon instead of an extra bed and has bookcases on every wall plus our desktop computer. I have to admit that since I took up knitting (thanks Linda, I put some of the blame on you 🙂 ) some of the craft stuff has spilled over into the living room which in my defense, is the size of two rooms.

We have pets and if you have any and say that they never make any kind of a mess, then I want to see proof of what your house looks like. Anyone with pets has cleaned up their fair share of yak and poo which just seems to go along with deciding to have animals.

Anyway, back to housework *ugh!*

I have come to realize a long, long time ago that if I sit down when I get up in the morning and either turn on the TV, read a book, knit,  crochet, or blogging,  I will never get anything else done because it is just too easy to say, “oh well, get it done tomorrow.” Problem is, tomorrow I’ll do the same bloody thing.

Now I don’t have dishes piled everywhere and laundry is at a very minimal level. Everything else? Not so good. Now I did vacuum the living room and hallway this week and this weekend I hope to break in my new steam cleaner on the carpets as they need it badly.

I have found that the only way I can accomplish any housework (like I did on Friday) I have to immediately put on some very lively or enthusiastic (I like that word 🙂 ) music like I have going right now as I type this.

Thank you ZZ Top.

ZZ Top - Greatest Hits

If I have some music on I want to move around to, bounce around to or sing to (very badly I might add) then I am  amazed at what I can get done. Friday was a good cleaning day. Lots of things got attention that really needed it. I have discovered over the years that this is the only way I will get more than a cursory swipe at things. I am also in a better mood then I would have been cleaning without lively music. Friday I got laundry done, dishes washed, sink cleaned, kitchen counters cleaned off, and all the junk piling up in the living room either straightened up or thrown away, floors swept.

No, I didn’t dust. What? You want me to have a coronary?

I know where this comes from and lazy may be a part of it but not the only reason. I am here most weeks by myself since Hubby works out of town M-F and I just don’t notice it as much. Also, when I was 5 years old my older siblings were completely out of the house and all of their chores fell to a very little girl. My father was one of those types that if it wasn’t up to his standards then it would be done over. Again. And again. My father was a lot of things but good wasn’t any part of it for a lot of reasons I won’t go into.

Where was my mother during all this? Well, she went into a psychiatric hospital for the first time shortly after my sister left home and I wasn’t quite 6 years old. She went back four more times between then and my 19th birthday. She was what they used to call, manic-depressive with schizophrenic tendencies.

Now I don’t share this to have anyone feel sorry for me. It was a fact of life and not something she asked for and is a disease. I just got left with growing up quickly and shouldering adult responsibilities like cleaning, cooking and taking care of my mother who my father didn’t want to deal with but wouldn’t divorce.  This has left me with a complete hatred of all things to do with cleaning. Yuck!

Suzy Homemaker I will never be. I can cook a few things well and others that are tolerable and some I will never make again. My house will have that “lived in look” unless somebody out there wants to give me a Christmas present of a housekeeper.

No? Rats…


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