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I knew yesterday that I was getting more hits than normal but didn’t think too much about it. My previous highest hit day was way up there, at least for a lowly little blogger like me. I mean, really, if you look at the posts in the sidebar that get the most hits are any of my posts on tattoos especially if they have pictures of really bad tattoos. I never intentionally did that type of post to get my stats up, I really am passionate about tattoos (as most of my usual readers know) and how much I hate really bad tattoo choices. If I can stop even one person from getting something that they will really regret later or have posted in a blog like mine, then I’m happy.

Heck, I even have a blog totally dedicated to women and their tattoos because I really, really don’t want a woman to make a horrible mistake. Now that blog is at around the million hit mark because the stat counter that I use is a free one (of course!) and it will only count up to 1,000 hits per day so I know that my stats are higher than what it shows which is 691,000+, but I really expect that blog to do better than this one since lots of people want to read articles and see pictures of tattoos in order to help them decide on what to get or even more important, what not to get. While I am not an expert on tattoos and the art of tattoos I am a women with ink (5 tats) and can give that perspective and I always encourage anyone considering a tattoo work closely with a good tattoo artist that they have checked out.

Anyway, check out the stats for yesterday:

In case you are wondering this is the post that got the most hits for yesterday:

Delaney’s World Chuckle for the Day #29

Not the most impressive post I have ever done (at least in my humble opinion 🙂 ) yet it skyrocketed for some unknown reason. Not that I’m bitching or complaining, it tickled me to death!
What was your post that got you the most hits and surprised you??


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