Is it just at my house or do your pets do weird things on a regular basis? Here is a list of things my Dachshund (Freddie) and my cat (Marvin) do on a daily basis:

  • follow me into the bathroom every time I go in there.
  • Marvin sits on the toilet tank or the counter next to the toilet every time I have to use the facilities.
  • neither one can stand for me to be in a room without them.
  • Marvin opens the kitchen cabinets daily – except for the ones with child proof locks on them. He even has one that must be open or he will race to open it up.
  • Freddie has his own quilt, a queen-sized one that has to travel with us or he doesn’t know where to stay put or sleep.
  • Marvin is not afraid of anything and Freddie is afraid of lots of things except people and other dogs.
  • if you scold Marvin for a misdeed he will get you back, usually by pouncing on your hand or foot and chewing (though not hard) .
  • Freddie just cannot be left outside. He will sit by the door through sun, rain, sleet or snow, therefore he goes where we go.
  • Marvin just loves the taste of me and has since we found him. He will lick my hand or arm throughout the day but rarely does this to Hubby, also he has always had a thing for my neck (no it’s not kinky!) and will occasionally bury his face in the hallow of my neck and lick me while kneading my neck or shoulders. He started this as a kitten.
  • Freddie will not go outside to do his business unless one of us is either outside with him or at least standing at the door. He goes out the sliding glass doors, out on the deck then the yard. He stops halfway and looks back, goes to the steps, looks back and you better be outside or where he can see you through the doors or he comes running back to the door and does the “let me in!” stance.
    So, is this just because I’m weird and the pets have picked up on it or do you have strange or weird things that your pets do?

Enjoy some pet humor 🙂



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