Every year I am amazed that there are 3 distinct classes of Christmas decorations.

  1. Those that don’t decorate
  2. Those that put up a little bit
  3. Totally manic decorating

We fall into #2 this year as we have some lights up both inside/outside of the house but not enough to be seen from far, far away.

I think that moderation in most things is the preference of most sane people, yet there are those that seem to believe that more is not just  better but is the only way to go. We had one of those houses in our little town and no one living anywhere near this house would even bother because they would look like total wimps as well as the fact that the afore mentioned house probably drew most of the available electricity on the block.

I don’t know if they just got too old to do this any more, died, moved or just gave up because this house hasn’t been lit in the last 2 years like it used to be.

Most people around here don’t usually decorate with outside lights and haven’t since we moved out in the country 15 years ago. Oh, maybe one here and there but not like whole blocks do in some cities.

I found it interesting to see how bad some people decorate their homes and now there is even a books on it! You can buy them on Amazon.com. It is also referred to as “Christmas Light Addiction.”



Here are some of the best of the worst from previous Christmas seasons:


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Now just to show that lights can be done well even if there are a lot of them:

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So where do you fall into all of the decorating?

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