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Here we are, the day before Thanksgiving and I can’t believe how the year has flown by! Seems like it was just this time last year and now we have to get our Christmas shopping and holiday prep done.

We always do our Thanksgiving dinner on the weekend with our family up in KC, MO.  and have started a tradition on Thanksgiving Day of getting together with our son (lives close by) and going out for Chinese food then hitting the movie theater. Thanksgiving Day has never been a big deal once our children were grown and out on their own. We would rather do the dinner whenever we can all get together than worry about having it on the actual holiday.

Now that’s not to say we don’t have traditions with the dinner, we do. There are just certain foods that must be prepared or it’s not right. When the children were small they were split on the green bean casserole or a triple corn casserole that I tried so now we have both. We have to have deviled eggs, turkey (of course),  gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Now we aren’t as rigid on desserts and my Death by Chocolate cake seems to be my daughter and SIL favorite one so that’s what we are having this year.

Do you have big family get together? Do you have any food that just has to be there or it’s not Thanksgiving dinner?

I want to wish you all a great Thanksgiving and if you are traveling please be careful and get there safely.

If you are crazy enough to get out and shop on Black Friday then really, really be careful because those bargains aren’t worth getting hurt over and I am just concerned about someone else being killed in a stampede at one of these stores since finances are tight for most people. Hopefully that won’t happen this year.

Anyhoo – Have a great Holiday and I will be back on Monday.



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