Morgan loves her bottle



Got great news from our daughter this afternoon, Morgan has regained her birth weight and passed the car seat test. She finally got to come home nine days after her birth so needless to say we are all thrilled. It is great to see her off the NICU. No parent wants their baby to have to spend any time at all but we are lucky it was mostly because she was only sleeping, not eating and her weight dropped dramatically. I am happy to say she is now eating regularly and whole heartedly and is now gaining more weight each day.

She has not had a breathing episode for two days now so it looks like everything is good to go. New parents are (of course) worried and will probably have a few sleepless nights because of getting up to check on her throughout the night, but I don’t blame them at all, I would too.

Thank you all for your concern, good thoughts and prayers as I really appreciate it.