Friday I had the roofers doing their thing and the painter trying to do his thing and as you can imagine it is utter chaos around Chez Delaney. Then it got even crazier.

Grand baby was due on Nov. 19th so the last thing I was expecting was “the call” which I got around 11 am. Baby is on it’s way and grandma is on her way to KC, MO. Yep, screw the work going on around here, baby comes first!

Boy, did I wish I had the Ferrari since I would have made that drive in a heck-of-a less time though I didn’t do too bad for not getting a ticket.

Hubby was in Hoxie, KS so he was on his way from there and had about a 45 minute longer drive than I did.

Baby Girl made her appearance at 6:03 pm and that was a good thing. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck plus after it was all said and done they realized that the umbilical cord was barely attached to the placenta which resulted in the baby being very small.

Here she is, little Miss Morgan – all 5 lb 2 oz of her. She is 18 inches long and our daughter had a pretty easy delivery since Morgan is just a wee thing.

First set of pictures are about 1 hour old.

grandbaby 001

grandbaby 006


Does my daughter look like she just gave birth? Nope! I sure didn’t look that good when she was born.


grandbaby 005


The Grandmas with me holding the baby. She is light as a feather!

grandbaby 008

These are pictures of Morgan at about 18 hours old. Look at all that hair!

grandbaby 011


This is proud Grandpa trying in vain to get her to open her eyes. Not happening as all she wants to do is sleep but she is entitled.


grandbaby 013

grandbaby 010

She is so small the newborn clothes are swallowing her up so at least they know all of the newborn to 3 months clothes will fit for awhile.

Proud Papa who did great in the delivery room. We were worried he would pass out but he made it through with flying colors.

grandbaby 007


All in all it was a good thing that Morgan was born 13 days early because they believe she is so small because of the umbilical cord not being fully attached to the placenta. Everything worked out fine and she is a joy.

You all know now that you will get sick of seeing pictures of her because I am a very proud grandma and I will have to show her off.


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