Before we went to Jamaica we contacted companies to get our house stained (log sided home) and to get a new roof put on since the “new” one we have loses shingles in the same places every time we get strong winds, which is often.

Didn’t hear any thing then finally got estimates. Gave every body the go ahead and then sat back and waited for the magic to happen. While I would love to say all went smoothly (as most of you will know) but, of course that is not the way things work out.

We have been waiting and waiting for the roofer and painter to show up and then yesterday – whammo!  They all show up at once.


Had a big truck pull in yesterday with all the roofing supplies and of course these dudes are only the delivery people and have no clue when the roofing company will do the work. I call the roofing company and today I am still waiting for a return call.

Head man from the painting company showed up late last evening with my samples to choose from and today one of the guys is out here doing the prep work; nailing down loose boards, calking, etc. and plans on doing the actual paint/staining tomorrow even if the roofers start.

In-between all of this going on we got our driveway asphalted which only took 2 days start to finish.

Doesn’t it always seem to work out like that?


Driveway:  before shot



Driveway:  after shots






Now I’m looking forward to the changes in appearance of the house and garage. We’ll see. Supposed to all happen this week but for some strange reason I don’t think I will be holding my breath.




I think the house might win.



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