Any of my regular readers will  know that I am a nut for tattoos and have been for the last five years. I now have my fifth tattoo and it is my second larger one. I know, I know…

“Hi, my name is Delaney and I am a tattoo addict.”

I think there should be a support group for tattoo addicts. No, really…I do! Everyone that has one will tell you to your face that getting tattooed is very addicting. Problem is we don’t believe it when we hear this. I know I thought I would only get one, maybe two when I first seriously thought about being inked. We see how long that lasted!

I am not addicted to the discomfort of being tattooed. I could live without that and for the two that are on my wrist and inner arm, I hardly had any discomfort at all let alone downright pain. Now the two I have on my back? I earned those babies, let me tell you!

Each person is different and has different parts of the body that accept tattooing with little notice or that will peel you off the ceiling. My back below the shoulder blades is very touchy.

Nolan did my newest tat and he did the dreamcatcher as well. I love his art and he is a very gentle tattoo artist without a heavy hand. We decided to do the outlining and the black/gray shadings first, then come back in three weeks or so to finish up with the colors. That was the part that about did me in.

Here is a  picture from the initial session and yes, I am swollen and red:





Here she is finished but not healed up yet. I think that Nolan did a fantastic job and I absolutely love it! I did feel every single bit of the coloring in of the roses though and I will admit to being glad when it was over but I have a great piece of art for the discomfort.

I tell people that are thinking about getting their first tattoo to watch out because they are addicting but I know they won’t pay me any more attention than I did to the people that told me that. You learn it the hard way unless you are a total wimp and can’t handle the occasional discomfort.

My daughter tells me she will probably have to explain why one grandma has tattoos and one doesn’t but I’ll just tell her that I’m the artistic one. My daughter is predicting that before her baby is 5yrs old I will probably have a full sleeve. I laughed at that…at least initially then I thought “Hmm, that could be cool and interesting.”

See, she’s putting tattoo visions in my head and encouraging my addiction, but I still love her and apparently she still loves her “unconventional and colorful” mother. What more could a mother ask?



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