Last weekend we flew out to Los Angeles for the Roar Clothing USA Grand Opening/15th Anniversary party. Roar is the company that I won the sweepstakes from and they had invited us to this party.

The company flew us out to L.A. and put us up in one of the newest, hip and swanky hotels in Beverly Hills. Yep, you read it right Beverly Hills! Now they could have put us up in a Best Western or something like that but nope, we got the royal treatment which absolutely floored us.

We stayed at the Sofitel Hotel and we have never stayed at such a swanky place in our lives. I could get spoiled very easily.

Roar also rented us a car to use for the weekend and they got us a Mustang with a convertible  roof which was cool for driving around by the beach. Our son has a Mustang which I’ve never driven and Hubby has gotten to drive once. Our son is very protective of his baby and no one drives it but him so needless to say, Hubby was thrilled that we got a Mustang.  Hubby had fun driving it.

The party started at 6pm on Saturday so we had the whole day to go where we wanted. I used to go to the Santa Monica Pier all the time when I was a kid and Hubby had never been there so we visited the Santa Monica beach area. This area is also special to me because my mother’s ashes are scattered at sea off the coast there so it is kind of bittersweet to visit a  place that has both happy and sad memories.

The circus-looking tents off to the left is a Cirque du Soleil show that just started on the 15th.

We walked around the pier area and then up the block to an area they have that is closed off and there is a farmers market and shopping, plus they have street performers. Very cool so if you happen to get to LA you should check it out.

Had lots of fun at the beach and driving around Los Angeles visiting old haunts.

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