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I was interviewed for a post over at “All Things Bloggy” by Charlotte – Thanks so much Charlotte, I appreciate the interview and shout out!

Now, a bit of that:

Can I breath easier now – is summer finally over? I have been able to turn off the AC and open all the windows and it has been relatively comfortable, in fact, at night it is almost cold. Is it over or is Mother Nature just playing a mean joke on me? How is the weather been in your neck of the woods?

Reality TV:

I want to start out by saying I don’t watch American Idol,  Survivor or anything like that. I am more into the Discovery Channel type shows or Sleuth. I like the real crime shows like 48 hours, Snapped, Cops, fun ones like Dirty Jobs, Top Chef, Iron Chef  – shows more of that nature. I do watch “So You Think You Can Dance” but out of all the reality shows on ABC, CBS,NBC or Fox, that’s pretty much the only one I watch on them.

What is getting me in trouble is two shows I just stumbled upon recently. Now I will admit to watching some of the silly reality shows that are on CMT like Redneck Weddings and the one where they fix up people’s mobile homes though I only watch these once in a blue moon.

The first one I ran across is “World’s Strictest Parents” and yes, it’s on CMT.


What gets me in trouble with this one is I find myself yelling at the TV. Yes I know they can’t hear me but that doesn’t stop me.

The premise is simple – troubled teenagers (a boy and a girl) are plucked from their homes where the (usually) single parent can’t control or handle them. They are then placed in a usually religious, hard working family that has some sort of farm or home business where they can make the wayward teens work and learn what life is all about. All in a one week period.

What’s my problem with this show? The teenagers and their parents. These adults would not be having behavior problems with their teens if they acted more like a parent and not a best friend or enabler. None of these teens have rules and restrictions so of course they are out of control. I doubt that these kids have ever had discipline in their short little lives or they wouldn’t act like they do.

Thus the yelling at the TV. I want to smack these parents up the side of the head.

The rest of the show is me yelling “you are so right” or “damn straight” while the strict parents are teaching the wayward teens that actions have consequences and that they are not the center of the universe like they think they are.

This show frustrates the crap out of me. People at the mall not watching/controlling  their kids make me want to commit an act of violence because I want to smack ‘em up the side of their heads. I have to stop watching this show or my blood pressure will stay elevated.


Next show is “Hoarders”on A&E TV and I have only watched one show and that was enough for me. I think I’m turning into a hoarder and that scares me. After watching an episode last night I realized how much “stuff” we have and I have brought most of it into the home or kept it here.

I have a closet full of clothes that I once wore about 10yrs ago and I haven’t wanted to let go of them because, well, you know I might get back into them someday. NOT!! I lost 50lbs the last time I had a major weight loss and still couldn’t get into them and the fact that I am almost 55, I doubt I will ever get that small again so why the hell am I keeping them? They are dated and not the best clothes so why? I know they are a waste of space so why hang onto them?

I have books stuffed in every nook and cranny of the house. I have 5 bookcases full, my head board is full and yet I part with very few of them. I prefer hardback  books so they do take up a lot of room. My usual rational is “I’ll read them again” and I have some authors that I do read their books more than once but a lot of them I probably won’t touch again yet the idea of getting rid of them is almost sacrilegious to me. Don’t mess with my books!

I get interested in something and I go overboard getting stuff related to it. We quilted for awhile and I have probably 50 quilting books, gobs of magazines and let’s not discuss the amount of fabric I got on sale.

I am a hoarder, just not to the level of my home being a science experiment or a danger to human or animal habitation.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to work on that closet…..

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