If you visit Delaney’s World often you know that Hubby and I are eagerly awaiting the birth of our first grandchild (a girl) who is due in November. Now I have been working diligently on hand made items for said grandchild. Some with success – some miserable failures. I have had this new found addiction to knitting (thanks Linda) and have made some simple things for the house and, of course, the new baby. Last night though I had a knitting breakthrough and you are hearing about it here first.

Yes, I succeeded in creating my very first, soon to be followed by another one, cute as a button (as far as I’m concerned) Baby Sock! Yep, I finished a sock for about a 3 month old and I am tickled to death. I didn’t think I would be able to do it!

Now here is a warning! Don’t look at the following photos if a view of a “fluffy” ladies legs may be disturbing or illness inducing. I have a bad back and tend to stretch out on my chaise portion of our couch to keep my legs up and relieve pressure on my lower back. When working on needlework projects I am almost in a completely prone position so the photos are a bit weird, but then so am I so continue at your own risk. *You have been warned!*

Notice in this photo that my hands are in knots. Now I tried this before with aluminum needles and it was difficult as hell to manipulate this small of a project. I got a complete set of bamboo DPNs off of Ebay (totally the way to go, so much cheaper!) and had much greater success in working 4 needles at a time.

baby sock


Here is the sock after the toughest part – the heel. From there it is mostly down hill until you do the toe part. Haven’t got the grafting the toe together quite down yet.


And here is the end result – Ta-da!     


One down, one to go! And it is official and I must admit it….

Hello, my name is Delaney and I am a knit-o-holic and I am completely yarn obsessed. I want to thank my sponsor – Linda – who inspired me to become the yarn buying, knitting needle welding fool that I have become.

Look out world, I am on the loose, have money and seek yarn. No one is safe, not even the children!


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