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Linda, my blogging buddy from Crone and Bear It, is participating in a cool MEME called “Pay It Forward”

The rules for this Pay it Forward , dictate you hand make 3 items and send one each to the first 3 readers who comment to your blog that they want a handmade item from you.  You have 365 days in which to make and then deliver this item (an item totally of your choosing; a surprise to the recipient) and yes, if you want to play along you must provide me with an address so I can send you your item. I will contact the 3 lucky commenters via email so you can verify you are willing to participate and reciprocate with your readers and to get your address.

If you want to participate then you are also agreeing to play along and post your version of this and to send a hand made item of your choice to 3 other people that comment on your blog, agreeing to participate.

Linda said it was like a chain letter of hand made goodness and I agree. How often do we get something cool, handcrafted and a surprise? Sounds like lots of fun to me.

I have no restrictions address wise on this, I am willing to mail to any address worldwide the only restrictions are:

You must be 18+

You will answer a few questions so I have a better chance of making something you’ll like

You will Pay It Forward and participate fully in this Meme – don’t want anyone disappointed

I hope I don’t fall on my face on this one by not having anyone want something made by me

This is completely voluntary! If you leave a comment it doesn’t mean you want to play along,  you have to say “sign me up” or something like that so I know who wants to participate.

Sorry for any confusion and thanks Linda for showing me the error of my ways. :0)

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