Today has been a total roller coaster ride let me tell you! At 11:00 this morning I meet with Deepak Vasandani who so graciously drove down from a meeting he had in Kansas City to meet with me and present me with my check. Now before going into the details I just want to say that Deepak has got to be one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

Lovely man who talked to me the entire time we were working out the details. Deepak did not give an assistant the job of talking to me or even emailing me. It is this kind of personal connection that I think comes through in his product which I can now tell you about because I have been announced on their website as the winner.

Roar Clothing USA is the company based in L.A. that had the sweepstakes for the Ferrari. I love this clothing line and I did mention to Deepak when he took Hubby and Me to lunch after the check presentation, that I would love his clothing even more if they had sizes I could actually wear. Remember folks, some of us are a bit plus -sized as you will see when the video from the presentation comes out. The clothing line reminds me of tattoo inspired clothing and you all know I am so down with that!


Here are a few of my favorite shirts. Be sure and stop by and check out their clothes because they have t-shirts and dress shirts, vests and accessories for men and women:    Roar Clothing USA

Womens Roar Script Shirt back view

Womens Roar Script Shirt back view

Womens Scorned Roses Shirt

Womens Scorned Roses Shirt

For right now you can hear the edited version of the phone call I got last week from Deepak and Roar Clothing.

YouTube video of the phone call from their end

To see the website with the video and the “official” announcement of my winning, click here: Ferrari Sweepstakes Winner

Hubby and I wound up on the local news as well as more YouTube video from the clothing company which will show the actual check presentation – which by the way was for $100,000 freaking dollars!!!

As soon as we get the release of the pictures from Roar and have the local news online link we will post those.

I just really want you to know that there are nice guys with great companies out there that want to spread their good fortune and hard work with others and Deepak and Roar Clothing USA are one of the good guys. Thank you so much Deepak from the bottom of our hearts. :0)

We will have part 3 as soon as we can post it.

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