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Yep, you heard me, the good luck fairy has struck our household again! WooHoo! We are on a lucky streak and that’s for dang sure. :0)

Hubby came home and decided that we were going to go celebrate the big win and have some fun. We went down to Newkirk, OK. and went to a couple of the little tribal casinos they have there. Two of them aren’t too whoopee so we went back to the one we always have fun in and usually break even at.

Now Hubby and I aren’t big gamblers. The only “High Stakes” we have ever played is regular roulette (once in a blue moon) and $5 Black Jack (occasionally)  and we tend to play penny slots most of the time. Now everyone says that slot machines are “one armed bandits” and tell you to stay away from them. Well I agree on the $1 & $5 slots cause you usually go through lots of money before you win anything though I will admit that I once tried a $1 machine and $10 later I won $200 and walked away :0)

We have a couple of machines that we enjoy playing and we started on them and I was doing okay but Hubby, he was cleaning up! $100 or so on one machine, $229 on one and then another $100 or so because when I cashed them in it came up to over $400! Not bad on a $50 or so investment – but wait, it gets better…

We are sitting side-by-side playing similar machines (variations on the Quick Hit) and I get enough of the Quick Hits to get a small jackpot then all of a sudden – whammo! Hubby hits the second highest jackpot on the machine he is playing (these are progressives) and wins a jackpot of over $2,000!


All together we made about $2500 on our little outing. We couldn’t resist, we bought a few Lotto tickets for tonight’s drawing for $164 million since we figured what the heck – it couldn’t hurt. Maybe the Good Luck Fairy is still with us :0)

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