I love to enter blog giveaways and occasionally I would enter a real, live sweepstakes. You know the ones big companies put out that you can only enter once? Well I entered one of these back in February on a whim actually. It was for a Ferrari from a hip, chic clothing store based out of Los Angeles, California. Now I’m an LA girl, grew up there, got married to a Kansas boy and moved to Kansas. I know, I’m nuts but my whole family will tell you that.

Anyway, I entered and promptly forgot about it. That is, until last night when I get a phone call. Now I don’t know about you but if I don’t know the company on my caller ID then I tend to ignore it. I ignored 4 of their calls since they didn’t leave a message. Hubby calls me at his usual time, we talk, I hang up and about 15 min. later phone rings again and I think it’s Hubby so I pick it up. Here is where it gets crazy.



Man on Phone (now referred to as MOP)

Hi, is this D. Roberts?




Can I record this call?


Uh, why?

(hear group laughter  – obviously he is on speaker phone)


This is Delaney isn’t it?


Yeah, what do you want to record this for??? (nothing good usually comes from this request)


I really need to record this….




This is ***** from ****** and you just won your choice of a Ferrari or XXX$$$$!  (they haven’t posted me as winner yet so I can’t give out total details)


Is this a freaking joke??    (major laughter in background now)


No, you won – do you remember back in Feb. entering a contest at ***** ?


Yeah, sorta….I think so…..


Well you WON!!!


You are freaking sh*tting me!! (total roaring laughter in background now)

OMFG!!  OMFG! You are SERIOUS!!! OMFG!!!

We then went into the details and I got the info of who I needed to call and that I had to make a decision between this:

(ARV approx. $283,000   OMFG!!!!)

image Not actual car because is is custom painted with sponsors logo on hood so I can’t show that one



I’m taking the freaking cash and running! You can pay the taxes out of the cash but if I didn’t get the Ferrari sold by Dec. 31st we would be in big trouble. Also, we live in the country on dirt/rock roads, I’m not screwing up a freaking Ferrari!

I want to thank Carolyn Wilman or @ContestQueen on Twitter and has a great website, Contest Queen. It’s sort of because of her that I started entering sweeps as well as blog giveaways because she has won quite a few and she has tips on bettering your odds. Well, dang if she wasn’t right!

Now I talk to their CPA and fill out some forms than WooHoo! Cash time. Bills paid off and oh yeah, Hubby and I are gonna take a trip back to Jamaica! Got to have something fun besides paying bills.

Get out there and enter those sweeps! You can win too!

Some sites I use:

Big Sweeps

Online Sweepstakes

Give them a try- you may be very, very, glad you did  

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